TROUT Fishing TIPS – Trout Fishing with Spinners

Who else loves with spinners !? In this video I go to a little creek to do some . I used a Trout spinner that a person of my subscriber's made and sent to me. I likewise talk about and techniques. Hopefully these Trout fishing suggestions and methods assist you catch more Trout! is my favorite way to capture Trout. It can be challenging, so hopefully these Trout fishing ideas help you land more !

Shout out to * Steel Salad * for sending me spinners! Thank you!

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– Trout Fishing with Spinners

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    1. @Jerry DeWees nice will give it a shot. Can’t seem to find the minnows over hear. Only been magnet fishing so far this year going to get out fishing in the next week or so for the trout

    2. Yea do the best catches one first then next week or something do the trout

    3. @tonyh932 what is the best techniques fishing in the fast moving river of fresh water

    4. @ali khan 1) Use enough weight, but not too much. Of course, you will need to use sinkers to get you lure or bait to the bottom. But many anglers either don’t use enough (the lure/bait floats over the fish) or use too much (the lure/bait gets stuck on the bottom). You need the lure/bait to bounce “along” the bottom. When you have the perfect amount of weight, you will feel the sinker “bounce” every second or two. This will take a little bit of experimenting, but is well worth it since you will maximize the time in the “strike zone”.

      (2) Cast way up stream. This will allow space for your lure/bait to sink, and then bounce the bottom for the longest possible stretch of the river or stream. This helps your lure/bait to be in the strike zone longer and cover more of the bottom.

      (3) Use a line that sinks. While the two above tips are enough to successfully fish fast currents, some anglers swear by sinking line. Since regular nylon monofilament line floats, it can slow down the sink rate of your lure. If you use line that sinks, like fluorocarbon, you can get your lure/bait to the fish faster and maybe even catch more fish! Good luck and happy fishing! Tight lines!

  1. I definitely agree with your concept but for spinners, for power bait or worms I’d rather use the more natural presentation of the up stream cast!

    1. I would have to agree 100%. Those baits can be fished on the bottom and drifted down stream. Much more natural presentation.

    2. Yes. After reading The Trout Fisherman’s Bible, decades ago, I started fishing upstream. I soon found out that in moving water the trout were oriented to be looking upstream for choice, tumbling morsels. Also, it’s still a thrill to be behind them as they are ‘sipping’ insects from the surface with that noisy water pistol action of theirs.

  2. Fishing streamers and spinners upstream is amazingly effective but you need to downsize everything. Go super light on the spinners to keep from snagging bottom and use the lightest line you can get away with to get casting distance with the lighter lures. Longer rods help get that lure out there too. Tight lines!

  3. Great info. In slow water I cast just upstream. My thinking is to have the blade spinning and moving DOWN stream at the same time, which means your presentation window is small. Make a few casts , two steps down stream and keep repeating.

  4. Subbed. Good explanation on your technique. Other factors for either upstream or downstream fishing spinners would be size of the water, current, and depth. Here in the driftless part of MN, there are a lot of skinny streams with specific fish holes that you pretty much have to fish upstream to get the lure to the depth inside that specific spot. Trust, I’ve lost my fair share of lures as well! Keep it up!

    1. I agree 100%! Not every situation is the same. You just have to do the best you can with the situation you are given. Thanks for your support!

  5. This is how I naturally ended up fishing for trout with a spinner, it just made sense. It was effective. I’m glad I choose a good technique.

  6. I love this guy, he is honest <3 he doesn't waste time like most of others, they just try to stretch the video... viewers can feel it.

  7. Just use a light spinner for upstream fishing, and reel it in as slowly as possible. Works perfectly for trout.

    Mepps Aglia is a great choise for this.

    The one you are using actually looks a bit like Mepps XD, and that is more suited for downstream fishing or fishing in deep water.

    1. I agree! I have been using Joe’s Flies spinners lately. They are perfect for casting upstream. They’re super light. Thanks for watching and commenting. I really appreciate it!

  8. It depends on the stream. I’ve found using a small rooster tail, fishing upstream, and pulling it back fast works really well in water with rocks and boulders. The Trout hit like angry Pike. Browns, Rainbows, Brooks, Speckled, and Cutthroat.

    1. I agree, definitely depends on the stream. I have used a small Joe’s Flies spinner for casting upstream. Works like a charm because it is so light it doesn’t get snagged or stuck on the bottom.

  9. I was glad to see you fishing spinners in a creek! I grew up doing that and always took along a .22 rifle as well. My favorite spinners were Mepps, the size zero or #1s in silver and red & white blade and silver with black and white blade depending on the day, sun or clouds. Floating small worms, periwinkles or crickets with no weight on a small hook catches em well in mid and late season to… I wish I had a dollar for every lure I lost in my life time so far! 😉 Be well my friend and stay safe out there….

  10. Hi. I enjoy your videos and find them very informative. 🙂 I am a novice when it comes to using spinners. Do you generally use a split-shot or sinker to cast your spinner out? Also, what size spinner would you recommend for catching rainbow and brown trout?

    1. It just depends on how heavy your spinner is and the water conditions. If you’re fishing 4 foot of water for example, you want your spinner to be “swimming” in 2 or 3 feet deep. If your spinner isn’t heavy enough to get down that deep, you can add split shot to help it get down deeper. I use 1/8 oz spinners 99% of the time. Hope that helps!

  11. Great video , totally agree with the way you use your spinners! Go Mountaineers!

  12. Thank you for using proper C&R technique. Be sure to use barbless hooks. My favorite fishing is topline trolling with a Flicker Spinner. KILLER trout lure.

  13. Try casting upstream a bit then start cranking when the lure is a little below you on the downstream side. Also don’t be afraid to let the spinner bounce once or twice in the bottom before reeling in, rainbows and cutthroat go nuts for that

  14. Greetings from Scotland. Great video. I’m teaching my 12 years old son how to spin. I’ve always fished on lochs & reservoirs but never rivers. We’ve just moved house and there’s a river that’s a 5 minute walk from the house. Thanks again for the tips. 5/5

  15. I’m going trout fishing for the first time in less than 5 weeks. I’m doing extensive research and you’re the first person who’s said to cast downstream…and it makes so much sense!! I’m going to give it a shot and see how I do. 😊 thanks for the helpful hints! Subscribed to your channel 💚 much love!

    1. Also cast upstream too. Especially if you’re fishing a small creek or stream. Fish face upstream.

  16. I love your videos. Although I am a 66 year old non pro fisher “woman”, I enjoy watching. I also live in WV. My dad, who is now 91 years old, taught me to fish downstream. He’s still my fishing buddy. Keep up the good work!

  17. Great video I learned more from fish hawk than anyone else! The conditions/areas he fishs are similar to what I fish. I find everything said in the video is handy!

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