TROUT FISHING 101 – Beginners Guide To SUCCESS!

can be discovered in lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks around the globe. In this complete 101 video we're going to break down the essentials as well as some sophisticated pointers on how to get out on the water and capture some trout. Whether you're fishing for stocker trout, or wild in your regional body of water, these incredible fishing ideas from Jordan of Addicted Fishing are going assistance you be successful out on the water. Thanks for tuning in, if you like this video please smash that thumbs up button and join us on the journey however tapping subscribe.

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TROUT FISHING 101 – Beginners Guide To SUCCESS!

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    1. Can I suggest a video? If so fishing for salmon from the shore at the ocean or from a pier? If suggest was already made forgive me!

    2. There is a little trick that my uncle showed me by using a medical syringe to pump air into your worm so that it floats off of the bottom…

  1. Really loving these trout tutorials. I live near two large lakes with lots of trout. Thanks for helping me up my game.

  2. Great content as always! Definitely cool to see all the rigs I use on my channel scaled down for smaller rainbows. I use very similar set ups for all my gear, just beefed up for faster current and bigger fish! Check it out on my channel and support if you’re interested! 💪🏻

  3. Love it. Here are some additional tips. #1. Dont be afraid to go with a lighter leader if you see heavy pressure or clear water. #2. Clear conditions means to downsize. Not just your leader but your bait and hook as well. Many days i find myself fishing 4# floro with a #10 bait hook and a small enought bait to barely cover the hook. # 3. When fishing float bait. Sometimes it can be beneficial to shape ( i like a flatfish shape) and a smaller weight so it gets out but drops and flutters to the bottom. That same shape will allow a slow retrieve in which will trigger a bite as it wobbles in.

  4. Congratulations on 50k!! And again, a great tutorial! I would just add one thing.. know your water.. if you want to fish lakes, pick one to start, and get it dialed… then move to another, after you make notes on the previous.. can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to one with what works on another, and had to spend time getting rigged right.. notes save time. Happy fishin!

  5. I’m just starting to get into fishing because of quarantine and where I live fishing is allowed during this time. This video gets me really excited. Going to try the lake tomorrow morning!

    1. My bf and I caught one rainbow trout each! We kept one and cooked it up for lunch. Let the other one go since it was a small one. Had a lot of fun!

    2. @Yamavi Don’t know how you’ve tried cooking your trout, but if you want an extra idea, coat the meat in lemon pepper seasoning, and fry the fillet skin side down in butter until the flesh is cooked through. Should be tender, while also giving you a nice crispy skin. Also there are really easy methods to remove the pin bones if they bother you, Redcastle Outdoors here on YT has one of the best videos on how to do that.

    3. mrarchaicworld ooh that sounds good. I think I will try that out next time we catch one. I like simple easy recipes

  6. Great videos man. Thank you. Grew up trout fishing but it’s been a hot minute and getting way back into it 👍

  7. Just found this channel in my recommended, so glad I did. An absolutely fantastic tutorial, very informative! Cheers

  8. I have been fishing my whole life and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your videos. I just learned a ton of things I never knew exactly how to properly do. Thank you 🙏

  9. Been looking to catch some steelhead out here on the Columbia, but it’s been decades since I fished, and it was only on lakes back then. These videos are a ton of help! Thank you!

  10. I haven’t been trout fishing yet. This video was very informational. When I’m ready to go, I definitely feel more prepared after watching your videos.

  11. I am a complete noob and just saw stocked rainbow tout jumping out of the water in a nearby lake and wanted to try, well but I couldn’t get over how detailed and good this was in one video. For free too. Answered every question I had.

  12. This is one of the best and easiest to understand tutorials I’ve found yet. Thank you.

  13. Going on my first trout fishing trip no more questions needed thank you so much! Dig the content 👌

  14. Hey man, thanks a lot for all the videos, I have watched plenty and learned a lot from you and your buddies. Great channel. This is my first time fishing trout in my local stocked ponds and in 2 weeks, I went from a complete idiot, catching nothing, to catching 5 trouts on Saturday and 7 Sunday thanks to your tips and advice. I have one favor to ask please, I ike to take the fish alive with me (5 to 15 minutes drive home) but 3-4 hours fishing, so I m having a bad luck keeping them alive in my Lowes blue bucket :-). Any tips on what to use? May be video idea… Thanks a lot.

  15. Thanks for the advice! Just got into trout fishing in CO last year and these are great tips for building on that experience. Just picked up a can o corn! Was curious your thoughts on using a berkley lightning light power rod w/ okuma size 10 spinning reel and 6lbs pline fluro coated as my main line vs your preferred setup.

  16. Thank you for sharing these tips. I just caught a 6 1/2 pound trout yesterday. This was very helpful thank u so much for this.

  17. This is amazing! I love this tutorial very much thank you. It’s so informative, I just got my rod and reel and I’ll be hitting the water real soon. Great video! 😆

  18. Dude, I’ve been fishing on and off throughout my life never getting very serious, but I’m retiring in the pacific northwest and I’m so looking forward to doing some serious fishing. I appreciate your channel, your content and how you present it.

  19. 1 Extra tip for power bait or other dough baits: After forming them onto your hook, dip them in water a couple of times and pull them out letting them drip for a few seconds. This will bond the bait to your hook before your initial cast. If you are a power caster like me, 😏, the bait flies off occasionally, during flight. This will completely stop that!

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