MOUNTAIN Crawdad & Trout Fishing! EPIC Catch & Cook!!!

In this episode I raise into the mountains to go fishing & camping! Little did I understand I would find out how to capture also. After a night of , I raises to some more lakes, where I show you how to capture in the mountains, and after a successful adventure, we return to camp for a scrumptious catch & prepare, and . For more Washington State fishing, trout catch, clean cook, crawfish catch & cook, and much more:

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Novice's Fly Combo:
Ultralight Rod:
Ultralight Reel:
Cooking Set:
Pocket Rocket Range:
Camping tent:
Bed mattress:
Solar Charger:
Battery Loads:
Iodine Tablets:
Life Straw:
GoPro Hero7:

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MOUNTAIN Crawdad & Trout Fishing! EPIC Catch & Cook!!!

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  1. You deserve a million subs. You’re content is high quality, footage is beautiful, and you put alot of effort into your videos

  2. You’re a Disney princess and you don’t even know it.
    I’m really jealous with all the stuff you’re encountering there in the wild. It’s so serene.

    1. He hand fed an axolotl , people keep them for decades and never get the to hand feed. Damn disney princess is right!

  3. This is so great to watch. You can tell that this guy is really just so happy to be in the outdoors.

  4. This guy is like everyone’s best friend, the mudpuppy and the bird 😂

  5. I’m addicted to these videos, these are amazing! The way you explain everything and giving tipps, I love it! Honestly, I would go fishing with you. And that thing, Mr. Weirdo, I dunno what’s that either but he was so cute! 🤣✨🐟

  6. I love that he’d rather walk a mile rather than just change lures 😂😂

  7. I am 73 yo this March and I have back trouble, so, walking and hiking is difficult for this old guy. I will not begrudge you for the enjoyment you receive from your efforts. Just thank you for taking me with you to enjoy these beautiful lakes, fish, wildlife, and outdoors. My memories of doing this are still intact and I can feel it all. Even taste the fish remotely. How Wonderful. Peace be with you, my friend. Hike on.

  8. My 3.5 year old son really loves your videos. I’ve been struggling to find appropriate content while limiting screen time during lockdown. Your videos are super, educational, fun and really appropriate. I love how you narrate your process. I also like how youre really respectful of your catches. He wants a fishing rod now!

    1. Just discovered his channel while sick in bed with my 4 and 5 year old. They loved all but the crawdad cooking part

  9. Just binge watched your library, you are awesome, LOVE your personality, optimism & happiness not to mention how much effort you put into these from pre cam setup & your editing is GREAT! Keep up the good work brotha! Looking forward to many more vids & hope you stay in the game!

  10. This is the kind of content I signed up for YouTube for. Thanks for sharing your journey. (:

  11. 314k subs now and 2M views! well deserved and amazing content. I followed from the beginning and I can’t believe the quality of content you produce now, the editing and filming just gets better and better!

  12. Been living in the pacific NW my whole life and finally getting into sport fishing, love your videos man, big motivation for me to learn, can’t wait to catch and cook something for the wife and I!

  13. I’m binge watching all your episodes after discovering you a week ago and this is one of the most beautiful lakes you’ve been to yet! We’ve been to some pretty ones here in Oregon, but that establishing shot of the foggy lake? Epic!

  14. Fairly new to the channel, but I can honestly say this is my new favorite fishing/survival channel!!!

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