MONSTER Trout Catch & Cook!!! 48h SURVIVAL in the Mountains! (AquaView Fishing)

Join me on a 48h Mountain Survival Trout episode where we so some , bobber , and do a giant trout capture & cook due to a secret bait combo. I am still self mentor , so sit back, unwind, and follow along on this alpine catch, tidy, cook!

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NWFS Hoodies & Tees:

Gear Used:

Beginner's Fly Combo:
Ultralight Rod:
Ultralight Reel:
Cooking Package:
Pocket Rocket Range:
Camping tent:
Solar Charger:
Battery Loads:
Iodine Tablets:
Life Straw:
GoPro Hero7:

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MONSTER Trout Catch & Cook!!! 48h SURVIVAL in the Mountains! (AquaView Fishing)

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    1. @aidan kirk It’s all about comparison. For example, I get exited when I get 50 views, so comparing that to this video, it would not be underrated. But comparing it to say… any pop song on the trending list, this video is extremely underrated.

    2. Definitely way way better than that Outdoor Chef life stuff, their videos followed with sponsorship for knifes and pans and buy this use the coupon stuff…. bs .
      This is the real deal. One man in the wild nature. Love it

    3. @NW Fishing Secrets where at in Washington if you don’t mind me asking… BTW love your videos big fan much love brotha

    1. I like your videos! trout fishing is my favorite! Watching your videos makes me want to go on a mountain 🏔again!
      Always thinking I am going to do this 48hours eat what you catch thing, I think now I am sure I am going to do this next spring or summer!😁

  1. I am so glad to have stumbled across your videos! You remind me so much of my son who I lost in the river. Dave lived to fish not, just loved. He grew up on the river. camp for days come home to shower and back at it. Thank you for your videos . I did subscribe!

  2. I just found your channel today, and I’m already in love with the content! I am new to fishing here and appreciate your patient explanations and your overall vibe man!!! I have been hesitate to fish since I’m so new, and I know how serious people are out there. I Don’t want to make any serious mistakes. But after watching your vids I feel more confident and I’m gonna try!! Thank you!! See ya out there!!

    1. Thank you, your comment really meant a lot to me. Not just that you enjoy the videos, but that they make fishing more approachable to new fishermen & ladies. You’re right, there are a lot of serious people out there, especially during Salmon season, but there are also lots of friendly helpful folk out there who will gladly show you how to fish 🙂 I still learn something every time I go out 👍 🎣

  3. Just came across your channel and the contents you have and the effort you seem to have put is fascinating. Love from Nepal
    PS: I subscribed your channel instantly

    1. Thank you, I’m happy you found and enjoy my channel! Greetings to Nepal from Seattle!

    2. I’ve been looking around for a channel that really fit my exact interests . I couldn’t find anything. Until I found this page. Every bit of the content is great. Love the backpacking and cook/eats style. Great work subbed

  4. The first episode that was recommended to me and got hooked ever since. Amazing what nature has to offer, beautiful forests, mountain lakes and abundant fish.

  5. just found this channel and totally love the stuffs that this guy’s doin’! more vids to come! i also love the camera angles haha literally shooting like a pro videographer!!

  6. This channel is literally a diamond in the rough, never have been so absorbed in videos, Love your content and keep going !!!!

  7. This is so wholesome to watch, makes me wanna go into nature. Good on ya mate, great video!

  8. The pure joy in his laugh when he caught that first big trout made me so happy.

  9. That trout fight was very intense, I felt like I was there with you. Such a beautiful spot.

  10. Dude these videos are just amazing the nature shots make me really feel what i feel when i’m in the wilderness and just taking it all in thank you for making these

  11. His laugh when he caught that trout was amazing you could tell how stoked he was to catch that fish

  12. I say this from the bottom of my heart my dude. I have never felt more relaxed watching a beautifully orchestrarted video with increadible cinematics. You truly have a rare talent and personality You my friend, are increadible.

  13. How does this man not have over a million subscribers….I will never understand. His content is amazing.

  14. I’ve been binge watching your videos for day in between me fishing 😂😂. Honestly dude amazing amazing content, way of life, morals, and as an overall man! We need more people like you in this world brother.

  15. love all your videos man, your energy and passion for fishing and adventure is inspiring. Hoping one day I can fish with you

  16. This channel popped out of nowhere and it feels like a blessing!! Great energy and charisma! Keep doing what u doing!

  17. Bro I’ve got to the point where I’m rewatching your videos. And this one specifically. For some reason it is by far my favorite one. I’m so thankful I found your channel. And you have some awesome subscribers. The comment section is always clean and respectful and very uplifting. I hope you find major success in being a YouTube fisherman. Fish on! Bobber down baby!

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