Ice Camping with a Giant Hole (Sight Fishing Trout)

In this episode, I go in northern Minnesota for . I saw a giant hole in the ice to sight . sorry, the cameras didn't choose it approximately well. ill attempt again.

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Ice with a Giant Hole ( )

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  1. There’s no way your channel doesn’t absolutely explode in the next few months if you keep posting as many vids as you are, it’s already starting to happen and it’s awesome to watch

    1. @renji abarai Oh wow… I was wondering why I had no idea about this individual. But it appears after months of dedication the algorithm has chosen him. His ideas are like straight out of my mind of “what camping situation would be really cool but you wouldn’t actually do because you don’t camp”

    2. Man I started watching a little over a year ago. Dude had like 100k subs. Out of no where started to gain like 100k a week.

  2. Careful you don’t fall in, that would be bad! 😂 You’re an excellent presenter, Great stuff, you’ve made me curious to try ice fishing.

    1. ice fishing is very fun. it’s very calming. just make sure you have researched about the ice before you go out

  3. I would 100% get up in the night to pee, forget where I was and fall right in that hole 😂

    1. This comment is hilarious, but it’s so may instantly wake up trying to get situated to go pee 🥶😂

  4. I’m trying to master the art of going bald young, so my hair won’t catch fire on my camp stove 😂😜

  5. I am honestly surprised none of the fish came up the hole asking “so what’s cooking?”.

  6. Your videos are awesome dude never seen videos like this before it makes me wanna go fishing 🎣

  7. Seeing this young dudes adventures is inspiring me to get back out camping!

  8. Absolutely obsessed with your videos dude !!! Been binge watching them all over the passed month. Much love and wish you all the best from Australia 🇦🇺!!

  9. That massive hole in the ice is giving me anxiety. 100% I’d trip and fall straight into that if I spent any time in the thermal house 😂

  10. This man almost blew the tent up!!! But absolutely love the videos and my buddy’s always go ice fishing, watching these videos makes me want to go with them and give it a try!! I always do winter camping anyways

  11. Imagine you turn over in your sleep and there’s a walrus staring at you.

    1. We’ve had a Walrus in the UK& Ireland. He eventually swam back to Arctic and now we have a new visitor.

  12. Every time I go to watch his video his subscriber count goes up, love the growth. Definitely well deserved, keep on trucking my friend 👏

  13. The fact that your fishing hole is more than large enough for a person to fall through is terrifying.

  14. Dude nearly catches whole tent on fire and leaves that out of the thumbnail and title 🤣🤣 love it

    1. @Cayden Blakeney how is it annoying? its good that he doesnt click bait like that

  15. Not sure why, but this whole tent-over-a-hole setup really is giving me some anxiety 👀

  16. The pandemic brought me to this channel. 26 year old mom who wouldn’t dare go in the woods but I’m invested in the content of your channel 😂😂💛

    1. Get out there and live brother it’s so satisfying being surrounded by nothing but nature it’s soul therapy

  17. Seal: *comes up for air* in a warm tent
    Mav: *sleeping 3 feet away* gets splashed

    Both: I’ve made a mistake

  18. Thank you Mav for keeping even the almost disaster part about the fire. Life is life, and we are all humans. We make mistakes thats fine. At least you are okay. And it was okay for you to keep using the stove, at least you had a warning call before and you know what you were dealing it.

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