How to Catch Trout with a Drop Shot – Amazing Underwater Trout Strikes and Reactions

We're diving under the surface area on the E Park Channel to see how respond when they see different baits thrown at them. We'll get to see biting, spitting out and striking a few of the most common baits in the quest to discover which one is the most efficient, and why others don't constantly work also.

Drop Shot Video:

Cam Set-up Video:

Electronic Camera Contrast:

It started out by simply putting an action cam and watching the fish– however it has progressed into a lot more. Getting the bait on camera, and getting a strike to happen was a difficulty that is so rewarding to view. Not just due to the fact that it's entertaining (and in some cases funny to enjoy the fish fighting for scraps!), however since it works info for any fisherman. "Why did I lose that fish?? Why wasn't my bait working??" are common disappointments amongst anglers. Personally, I found out a ton from taking a look at the undersea bite video, and I KNOW it will make me a much better angler when it pertains to using bait. These pointers are sprayed throughout the video in the commentary!

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How to Catch Trout with a Drop Shot – Amazing Underwater Trout Strikes and Reactions

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  1. Unreal underwater footage man that’s so freaking cool. Just subscribed brother can’t wait for new content. So cool seeing those trout all schooled up like that.

    1. Yeah it was!! I definitely want to capture more species on the underwater camera too! It’s so cool to see later on and helps me (and hopefully others!) to understand the fish better. Can’t thank you enough man for watching, commenting and subscribing! 😉🎣🐟👍

    2. @E Park Fishing For sure! Seeing how those fish are acting underwater definitely helps you understand them better, that’s so awesome! Do me a favor & check out my channel when you get the chance. Where you from man?

  2. Great video . I can relate to it and how it will make my trout fishing more fun…until I get my own underwater camera. I have a very clear lake in mind to do something like this for my fishing entertainment and not just concentrate on the catching and the hook ups…but also the watching activity. I am a right now subscriber and hope you continue this sort of video. Thank you.

    1. Thank you!! That’s exactly how it started for me too! I just wanted to see what’s going on and watch the fish. I still want to do a lot of that type of filming too on the channel. I’m planning a video on how I set up my camera as well. Welcome to the channel! 😁🐟🐟

    2. @E Park Fishing yes please!! video of setup and distance/positioning of your setup with respect to the bank

  3. The comment you made about having a camera was very interesting. I have always wondered what’s happening under the water. There was one time I was fishing and every trout I brought in had deep cuts on its body and I didn’t know why but I think the other trout were attacking it while I was fighting it. Every cast I caught a trout but everyone had these cuts on its body. The species was speckled trout which ironically isn’t actually a trout but whatever.

    1. Thank you! That is definitely notable — maybe there are birds that got after them? I’ve seen a lot of trout with cuts I assume were from hawks or eagles, and a few one eyed carp and big scarring that was clearly from talons. It does fascinate me to see what’s going on down there.

    1. @Mike Kiel Just in case you thought I was serious, I was being sarcastic. The joke being wheat farmers would rather consumers not buy corn. Have a great day, man!

    2. Missed strikes? Use CIRCLE HOOKS. My hook sets, vs misses, has skyrocketed since using CIRCLE HOOKS.

  4. Great video!! I learned a lot about their feeding behavior. This will help me become a better fisherman. Thanks. Keep it comming.

  5. Great underwater video! So cool to see the action and what is happening! I will have to try marshmallows…way cheaper than shrimp. 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Yeah they are super cheap! If you do get the shrimp though, you can get the frozen kind instead of the package kind I have in the video. Then just take a handful when you go fishing. Cheaper and lasts longer. Tight lines!! 🎣🐟

  6. Really enjoyed this video – those fish are really smart – I have caught brown trout in a pond on corn but mainly use spinners with a small piece if worm. Was surprised they liked the bread so much. Up on Manitoulin Island there are a lot if escaped farmed rainbows that go crazy for shrimp when ice fishing.

    1. Yeah they have really great vision! Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed! 🙏🎣🐟

  7. Great video. I love seeing how the fish react to different bait. It would be great to see moree species and various environments with a similar format

    1. Thank you!! I definitely want to do a series of these vids. So much fun to make and helpful to see how the fish react and behave.

  8. Berkley gulp sandworms (yes saltwater) in camo color, all I really use for stocked trout any more. Usually on a larger hook like a size four octopus, helps to prevent gut hooking.

    1. @Josiah Benitez I can’t say first hand but from my experience a wild trout would laugh at a size 4 hook with anything on it lol. Maybe it works fine on lake trout but the wild trout near me are smart, and pretty small for that matter. I just use small barbless hooks and set the hook quicker than I would if i was fishing for dinner and worried about missing sets.

    2. Any trout at the pond in this video would laugh at a number 4 hook as well! Number 8 is as big as I would go, but I usually use number 10 or smaller. For flies I like to use smaller as well. Hard to get a hook set with anything bigger than a number 10 fly.

    3. @E Park Fishing Agreed. 8 is useable but I only have used them when I am out of hooks and the bait shop doesn’t have any 10,12 in stock.

  9. Great stuff! I like using Wanglers (European Nightcrawlers) when I use bait and bobber, otherwise tossing a Mepps Aglia 1 in rainbow trout color scheme, a small Kastmaster silver spoon, or a Rebel Wee Crawfish crankbait are my go-tos.

  10. Really great stuff! People near me use a jig called a trout magnet under a weighted bobber. I’d love to see that in action.

  11. Thanks for putting the time into this. Such a beautiful world under there!

    1. You are very welcome! Yeah it really is another universe below the surface! Thank you for the comment

  12. I’ve always had good luck with the mini-marshmellow, sweet corn, worm combo. I’ve tried the salad shrimp, didn’t have to much luck with them. I have not tried regular bread before, seems interesting. I thought using swedish fish was hilarious never thought to try it and to see them react to it was pretty funny.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah my son picked the swedish fish 😂 He was really excited

  13. Very informative video, thank you. Here in Idaho we use a combination of a worm AND a marshmallow with great success.

  14. This was a great video! So interesting to see what’s actually going on below the surface

  15. Excellent video. To see the reactions and behavior of the trout was most informative imo. Nice work, thank you for posting.👍

  16. I use corn as my go to bait for trout and use just plain old frozen corn, put it in a container to take out with me and then sprikle some garlic powder on top or into the corn, just like the powerbaits have it added into them as well. I have never NOT caught trout using this technic. Great video’s and easy to follow tips on gear and little extra’s to enhance the experience.

  17. First time seeing these classic trout baits doing their work underwater! Awesome!

  18. Your videos are awesome, the under water footage is great 👍, one thing I noticed is that your drop shot is too heavy is why you’re not able to feel the fish nibbles on the bait, but it also makes for great footage. Keep the videos coming the under water stuff is great to see the reaction of the fish. 😃👍

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