Giant Trout – Over 30lb

While the canals, and getting a little bit of stick from the residents. handled to hook a fish of a life time.

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Giant – Over 30lb

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  1. So what this guy is saying is that he rarely targets trout because of their size? I always thought catching a fish was just a bonus. I mean sure, a little trout may seem pretty lame to some people compared to like some big sharks or tuna, but that’s part of sport, or hobby… whatever you want to call it. My favourite type of fishing is small creek fishing for trout and it just gives me a chance to experience the wilderness around me. Most people I know nowadays get frustrated if they don’t catch something in the first five minutes. My one friend a couple months ago got frustrated and came and sat behind me and threw rocks at me and into the water while he was on his phone, and also wouldn’t leave me alone because he wanted to leave. That made me think really hard, and notice that patience for some people just gets lost. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to catch something, or landing a trophy, it’s very exciting, it’s just that people expect too much. Instead of my friend wanting to go down to river and test our luck, he wants to go fish the little undustrial pond that his Dad works at, for double-didget lb brook trout. By little, I mean the pond is about 20 feet wide and 10 feet long. It takes the joy and the challenge out of fishing in my opinion.

    1. jac k I’ve found some trout that fight harder then most saltwater fish of the same size

    2. Agreed. One my favorite species to fish is Bluegill, because despite their small size, they’re strong fighters and they also taste wonderful.

  2. Damn dream spot right there!!! Make more video of this kind of fishing

  3. Holy crap what an awesome opportunity to be able to fish at a spot like that, I envy the locals!

  4. what an amazing video, love seeing people catch salmon/massive trout in other parts of the world, those are MONSTERS! keep up the good work

  5. Amazing Rainbow. Great place for fish farming. Looks like good depth, with great water flow.

  6. Phenomenal. Absolutely enjoyed every second of this video. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Outstanding fishing gentleman those are the largest trout I’ve ever seen as far as Rainbows are concerned! Congratulations

  8. this is the one of the only things i miss about home, the sick trout fishing and weather!!

  9. Wow, amazing Rainbow!! And a great video – thanks so much for sharing! All the best from Vermont, USA.

  10. Very impressive! I feel like there was too much time with the fish out of water and messing around for pics, etc. Gotta keep ’em in the water at all times ‘cept for a super quick lift up for photo op. Very happy to see that you released him/her/it (do fish have gender issues/confusion I wonder?)

  11. My goodness! I’ve NEVER seen Rainbows that big and always wondered what they would look like with a bit of time behind em…Soooo awesome!

  12. Glad to see you guys enjoying yourselves catching those cows. Beautiful fish.

  13. More people should learn from this dude!! Catches a 30 pounder and then releases it!! Good on you mate!!

    1. @SCGIS not overblown they usually die when not handled probably happens a lot here

    2. @SCGIS You’re right they don’t die shortly after, it usually takes a week or two for the resulting infection to kill them.

    3. @Rusty S There has been studies done on mackerel that were handled with bare hands to take slime off and the same fish swam to the Mediterranean and then back to the UK through the year.

      Unless you really beat the fish up it’s good 99% of the time. I’m mainly talking about people who complain when someone handles a fish with bare hands or without a net.

  14. I love my country, this is New Zealand folks yes we are lucky, yes we are nice folks and fishing and scenery from coast to country is just beyond spectacular.

  15. What a catch, the best part was seeing the proper care and releasing it and not having it mounted on a wall 👍

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