Fishing Cripple Creek – Rainbow Trout! (Catch Clean + Cook)

hey wolf pack! sorry this vid is a day late but it's absolutely not except a good time. Spring is here !! I am one happy girl. I can't believe it. , campfires, turkey hunting, wild flowers and sunshine !! OHMY.
So thankful to God for such a gorgeous day on the stream and a delicious meal to top it off. Y' all go have a look at Cripple Creek Mill and Stream in Virginia on facebook and Instagram. Todd will get you connected. How amazing were those bald eagles ?!

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Cripple Creek – Rainbow Trout! (Catch Clean + Cook)

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    1. I bet you enjoy watching her beauty but not her fishing 🎣 😄😄😄

  1. Wow Heidi, what a monster! That’s a pretty big creek too, more like a river. Much love from Australia! 🇦🇺

  2. That’s a truly confident woman!!!!! Has the fish stringer hanging behind her for the fish!!!! Nothing but great respect!!!!😁😎👍❤️

    1. The day I bring a cooler for my supposed catch, that be the days only catch a buzz….:(

  3. I really enjoy your enthusiasm and love of outdoors. It made me want to be there with you in such an awesome place. Seeing the happiness on your face and preparing your catch. There’s no better reward. Keep making videos like this because moments like these are memories we cherish and share and bring back that excitement as when it first happened. 😊

  4. Not only is this lady beautiful in every way, she also knows how to fish. Wow.

    1. Not much to learn if you wanna know how to fish for trout. Find water (hopefully with fish) tie a hook on the end of the line. Any bugs you can catch (grasshoppers, June bugs, worms, whatever) get stabbed onto the hook for bait. That’s all you really need. You can add a fish rod and reel to that list too.

    2. Trout are river rats. You can catch them off dog food and line tied to a coke bottle

    3. @SMP fer sure, lotsa fashion and gear hype involved. Ive know guys that wouldn’t think of a trout adventure without a 4wd rig and a thousand dollars worth of flies, rods and other perfernalia. first trout i ever caught was on a self tied monstrosity that looked like nothin in the natural world. At th time i was suspicious about all of the caveats and hype about what flie/rod/line to use etc, but after that catch I kind of do my own ties. and treated them like perch or bass and catch plenty of rainbow and browns in Lower Mt Fork in SE OK.

  5. Just discovered your channel. I have a lotta catching up to do catching up on your adventures. I could watch you fish for hours on end. You have skills.

  6. She got amazing skills with catching trout. Props 🙂 also great smile!

  7. Just Wow!!!!! Beautiful Nature & nice fishing. Best of luck. I wish you success.

  8. You can tell she knows what she’s doing when she cleans that fish like a pro! They dont make them like that here

  9. Lil Red, that’s one of the nicest trout’s I’ve ever seen, looked like every bit of 4 lbs.
    You talkn’ bout some good eats, my mouth is watering 👍

  10. Taught my 8 year old son son to fish recently. My grandfather used to take me as a kid. Most memorable times of my life.. great videos.

  11. I feel like I should tell my wife I watched this video….🤔 I’m sure she loves trout as much as me 😁

  12. Stay safe out there!👍 Great content and what a beautiful trout! Almost as beautiful as you🤣

  13. All my 42 years of fishing I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you 😊 I love Rainbow trout fishing with mepps Algia !

  14. Seeing you down on that creek Heidi, is enough for me to capture on sight your beautiful copper hair and everything else attach to it! Such a beautiful enchanting catch! Thank you!

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