I did a side TROUT ! I went looking for a trout at one of my preferred creeks. After about 10 minutes of I caught a nice trout. I cleaned it, cooked it and consumed it best next to the . I had a lot of fun doing this trout ! It was scrumptious. Let me understand if you want to see more catch and cook videos!

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  1. Awesome job, Fish Hawk! Looks delicious. I love to catch and cook fresh trout.

  2. Now that is fresh trout! Also just loved the sights and sound of the water. Great video!

  3. Not bad man! Loved it! Glad to see you cooking it up. That was a nice trout for a catch and cook! I’ll be doing mine in a few hours hopefully! 👍💯🎣🍴

  4. That was awesome. Always enjoy watching your fishing technique, the cleaning and cooking was great to see. Keep it up!

  5. Oh man my mouth started watering immediately during cooking. Good job man. That was awesome.

  6. Thank you for making this video. I never thought about making fish nuggets. I usually use wood and stick to cook it 😀👍

    1. @Richard Sagrit I prefer to see everything. It’s a way to learn as I am still learning fishing. I want to see the snags, the catches, the line breaking etc. I can tie a few nots and I can catch fish but learning what kind of weight, line, hook etc helps. Like Fishermans Life breaks it all down

  7. Keep more videos like this coming please, love the settings. catching and cooking at the same time.

  8. I wonder if other fishes from the stream were looking at him do this to their buddy 😂

  9. Fantastic videos. Beautiful trout. A cooking tip: you’ll get better, more even crisping *AND* faster cooking, if you space out the food a bit in the pan. Just cook ’em in a few batches. Eat the first batch while you cook up your second!

  10. I grew up in Northern Upstate New York, I love rainbow trout, if yall never had it fresh out of the water like that, you don’t know what you are missing. In my opinion, the best fish you will ever catch and eat!!

    1. @ajsbrush worksLLC In Alaska trout is bomb! But yeah eating trout from another state that you never grew up in might taste weird but its still trout. My favorite fish.

    2. @Ronan Jewett I know it well. Spent a lot of time in Lowville. Dated a girl from there while in college. My mom is from Malone. Miss that whole area.

    3. @ajsbrush worksLLC Oh that’s awesome. I’ve spent some time in Malone. I went to SUNY Canton for a bit 🙂 I have a wall tent here in lowville and am living off grid.

  11. Such a satisfying, gratifying feeling. Hunting, cooking, cleaning, and then eating your meal. Awesome video!

  12. Now that was simple and easy, great video and I enjoyed it. Hope you and your Dad have a great time.

  13. I always enjoy your catch & cook! Great video simple & back to nature. 🎣

  14. I’m watching this remembering when I use to fish. Then I moved to LA and stopped. That looked yum.

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