BEST Powerbait Rig/Setup – TROUT Fishing Ponds/Lakes

In this video I reveal you the rig/setup for Trout in ponds and lakes.

I went to one of my favorite local ponds to do some Trout . I chose to utilize Powerbait and I wanted to reveal you my preferred setup. It's extremely easy and easy. It works terrific! I show you how to connect the rig and get it setup. I also reveal you my preferred Powerbait to use. I caught some Rainbow Trout on Powerbait and I also caught a Rainbow Trout on a spinner.

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/Setup – TROUT Fishing Ponds/Lakes

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    1. @Jaiden Vicente Thanks so much for your reply. I found the site through google and im in the hacking process atm.
      Takes quite some time so I will get back to you later when my account password hopefully is recovered.

    2. Doing the same thing watching videos before I go so addicted even to watch other people fish

  1. It’s always a great feeling when another fisherman is willing to take your unwanted trout. Good job

    1. For sure. What made it even better is that he was a Vietnam Veteran. Thanks for watching!

    2. @Fish Hawk i keep the ones hooked in the throat, they are really good fried in italian bread crumbs

  2. This is why I love trout fishing . You meet some great people and it’s never a bad thing to get some tips from some old timers👍🏼

    1. Ya old people fishing are like the best thing ever one guy helped me catch my first fish and was a huge carp

    2. Had an old timer named Ron help me perfect my trout set up and I caught 3 14 inch rainbow trout today. Even gave me a size 12 hook that caught 2 of the 3 fish👍

  3. Great video! Loved seeing you give those fish to someone who will eat them and enjoy them. It’s a great feeling to help someone out and see how happy they are after an act of kindness. Thank you for making the fishing community a better place and thank you for thanking him for his service! You got a new subscriber!

  4. This is the exact rig I’ve been using for stocked trout in ponds since floating powerbait came out in the early 90’s. This rig works for all types of bottom fishing including shiners. Favorite powerbait is chartreuse garlic.

    1. @Frdcrgr it needs to float up off the bottom. Make sure it’s floating power bait & use a small enough hook so it doesn’t weigh the bait down. My go to is a thin wire Gamakatsu circle hook.

  5. I’ve fished for bass most of my life and only been trout fishing once, and that was almost forty years ago. Thanks for the info and I’ll be putting your advice to the test this next week here in beautiful Colorado. BTW, I appreciate the way you treat the people you come into contact with. Thumbs up on that on.

  6. I’d always recommend getting a lighter test for your leader instead of using your main line. If you hit a snag it’ll just break off the hook rather than your whole set up. Also, you should use a bead between the sinker and swivel. I love trout fishing, such a great fish!

  7. Definitely giving this set up a try. I’ve always used a couple split shot and the idea of the fish feeling the weight makes a lot of sense to me. Thank for the tip!

  8. Great video. Thanks for uploading this! It’s been a while since I’ve gone fishing for a trout. I plan on doing some this spring. How heavy of a test line are you using?

  9. I use the same setup with one little extra. I use small plastic bead (like you get for make kids jewelry) between the swivel and weight. Gives a little cushion to your knot without out really adding any weight or resistance. Great video also.

  10. I love how humble and simple your channel is man. Some of the other channels are so over the top. Not to say I don’t hope your’s doesn’t grow or that you don’t land some sweet sponsorships. But keepin it minimalistic definitely relates to the spirirt of being an angler.

  11. Thanks for this video, my son enjoyed catching 8 trouts in 2 hrs with this setup. It was our awesome day.

  12. Great video. I am going to try this out immediately. It was great that you let the trout go harmlessly!

  13. Thank you for clearly showing the set up. Just got into fishing and have Been trying to figure out the set up to catch the stock trout in my local pond. Definitely going to give it a go.

  14. I really like your attention to ethics in your vids, having seen some really sad examples of people mauling fish and releasing them recently on YT. Especially with fish as sensitive as trout. Your interactions with other people are just as nice to see, especially the veteran & finally I learnt how to use my powerbait properly thanks to the decent explanation on how to rig it & why. Have only used it once & was with splitshot so far without success (usually sea fish just learning about trout fishing) am going fishing this weekend, hope your tips help me hook up! Thank you for another great watch 👍

  15. I used this exact same setup and powerbait at a reservoir here in Utah and caught 11 rainbows between myself and 2 neighbors. Biggest one was about 18 inches.

  16. This rig was taught to me by my uncle like 6 years ago I always teach it to anybody fishing for trout in pressured lakes like this one, way to pass the knowledge man👌

  17. I was struggling trying to catch trout at my local lake I came across this video and followed it and went from months without a fish to three trout in one trip plus we were able to give the bleeders to the guy fishing next to me. Thank you!!!

  18. I’m going trout fishing for the first time this year. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’ll definitely be trying some of your techniques.

  19. This is almost exactly the same setup I use to catch trout in the lake I live on (caught 3 this afternoon). I think this is because Powerbait is very similar to what the fish are fed at the hatcheries. In fact, most of the time they will just swallow it as we saw with the first fish Hawk caught.

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