48H SOLO Backpacking & MOUNTAIN TROUT Fishing! (Catch, Cook, Camp)

I am for 48h, to a remote lake to go mountain fishing! This catch, cook, camp took me through the Washington wilderness, across creeks, through the woods, and into the Mountains to a pristine, alpine lake, FILLED with hungry Rainbow , while during the night, I was checked out by curious salamanders. Besides a delicious Mountain Trout Catch & cook, take pleasure in gorgeous surroundings and nature.

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48H & MOUNTAIN TROUT Fishing! (Catch, Cook, Camp)

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  1. This continues to be the best video footage I have ever seen on YouTube, I know you prob work harder than 98% of all you tubers out there. Sad you don’t have 1M subs yet, but keep going amazing stuff and it wouldn’t be the last thing I expect if you get there by the end of the year!

  2. This man is the reason as to why I went out and bought a bunch of backpacking gear for the summer. Will be my first time backpacking/mountain trout fishing. Thank you for all of the fantastic and inspirational videos Leif. Fish on bud!

    1. Jees , hotrod , ur killing it !! Hope you are having a ton of fun .. my friend , from a chat , lives , up there on the coast , and has an inlet , 2 blocks from her house , and a small amount of experience . Maybe a how to , on the Pacific coast , what ever a beginner , would try from shore … Or not .. up 2u!! Keep’em coming water boss !!

    2. @xFUGSNORTx have lots of fun, and follow the one rule of nature; if you respect nature, it will respect you and reward you with a good catch.

  3. Im not old enough to leave and see this stuff on my own but when I am free to do this i can only imagine how awesome it’ll be that place looks so pretty and im a starter fisher and im gonna have so much fun fishing fishing is the best im gonna try the ocean and lakes and ponds i can’t wait!!!

  4. love how excited he is after catching those fishes and how he enjoys nature ✨

  5. Your appreciation for life, nature, and freedom is absolutely inspiring. Too often do I catch myself cursing, pissed off, angry, and/or just frustrated with crap in life. I know all obstacles can’t be avoided and what not but you really make it look so easy. I am going to try my best to continue to live my own life obviously but with the positivity that you emit.

  6. 34:10 damn, I’m crying in joy watching that trout fighting and able to see it because of that crystal clear water. Feels like I was there. Capturing beautiful moments in a beautiful environment… Amazing!

  7. Just found this video randomly in my suggestions! To be honest, I love your content! Its unfiltered, beautiful scenery, nice fish… its got everything a good video needs you got an extra sub!

  8. Your energy on a solo trip feels like I’m watching myself, I love it! Glad that other people enjoy the same things that I do no matter how small they may be❤️

  9. Loved your energy, the way you look at the nature, they way you cooked the trout. Made me wish to walk those alpine lakes, creeks. Always stay like this. Love from India.

  10. Wow, made my day watching this. Open my eye to see that there’s more out there than just my current situation. This is awesome.

  11. What makes this even better is your genuine enthusiasm and passion for this while detailing and educating us. You have so much respect for the earth and fish. Keep up the quality content and cant wait for me! Subscribed!!

  12. Este video es excelente, mucho empeño y se ve que lo disfruta mucho, la verdad es un video que se merece muchimas mas visitas. Saludos desde Argentina

  13. One of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen on YouTube in a long time! I suffer from anxiety which causes me to not want to travel far distances from home or do anything really that makes me uncomfortable, but this left me feeling inspired and hopeful! Captivating man, I subscribed!

    1. Go on a nature, take a deep breath and relax your mind. It helps! You will appreciate your life. Nature feeds your soul.

  14. I love how you always put the fish out of its miserly as fast as possible!! You truly care about the earth and the living in it!! Well done,sir

  15. So happy I came across this video. Your appreciation for nature is so warming and genuine. This was an excellent reminder of the little things throughout my day that I’m so quick to take for granted. Thank you truly.

  16. When you flew the drone out it made me realize just how small we are in this gigantic world, you’re a beautiful soul man keep doing you!!

  17. Loved the care he has for the nature. Picking up others waste like bottles cap or wrappers. Really appreciate man ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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