Trolling Tips with Halco

Ben and Tim use some standard suggestions for .

with Halco

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  1. Halco The best equipment I used for fishing
    Thank you
    Ali from Kingdom of Bahrain

    1. هلا اخوي علي شخبارك ؟ شنو نوع السمچ الي تصيده ؟ چنعد وإلا هامور ؟ وشنهي السرعة المناسبة للچنعد ؟ أنا الفح ببوردات وسرعتي 12 كيلو بس ماعندي فكره عن ميارير الهالكو والربالا

  2. Awesome video. Answered some of my questions. Thank you.
    I am new to trolling as I just bought a boat. My fist catch were two barracudas, using Rapala XRap 15 on Shakespeare Tiger Lite and Penn Battle II 6000. I use mono for now.

    1. +shimon bain No easy answer there mate–it really does depend on the weather, time of year, what you are fishing for, etc. For example, if you are fishing for deeper fish, of course something with a deep diving bill on it will take you to where they are. Flip side, the reels with bills can’t be pulled too fast, or they pop up and out of the water. If you are after way, Wahoo, you need to troll FAST–no bills but skirted surface running plugs are what you want. It really does all depend

  3. Snagged one of the big halco lures in a tree branch today while fishing for whiting

  4. Children in Africa could have eaten that fish. Or more importantly, I could have eaten that fish.

    1. It’s important to observe fishing laws as well as your own personal view on keeping fish for the table. Let us leave fish for the future, our children might want to enjoy this sport to.

  5. WTF ?!?!?! Where do you catch mackrel like that ?!?!? In Denmark they are 20cm long when we catch them !!!

    1. Idk. Once I caught a 6ft King Mackeral. You just have to have the right temperatures and water conditions.

    2. These are Spanish Mackeral or barred Mackeral a large predatory species called king mackeral in the US.

  6. Mackerel have incredible eye sight, I would use a single strand #4 wire trace directly linked to the lure with the hay wire knot (Leave a bit of a loop, for lure movement.) and a small barrel swivel linking the other end to the monofilament mainline.

  7. So as a general rule, the deeper the lure dives, the closer you have it to the boat? And the shallower ones are out further?

  8. nice fishing with halcom greeting sir from indonesia east borneo kalimantan,i love halco

  9. Hello this is a great video. Very informative. I am a halco sorcerer fan from Sri Lanka. I always wated to do away most of hardware in front of the lure. I am currently using a heavy fluro instead of wire trace we used to have in fear of losing lures to macs and kudas. For the convinience of changing lures what if i have a strong split ring instead of snaplock end of the fluro so that i can change lures using a plier. Its not as easy as using a snaplock but eliminates having too many hardware. What are my chances of damaging line with split ring end? Thanks heaps for very useful tips

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