TOP 3 Rapala Lures For TROUT FISHING In Lakes or Ponds (TROLLING TIPS!)

TOP 3 Lures For In Lakes or Ponds (TROLLING TIPS!)

TOP 3 Lures For In Lakes or Ponds (TROLLING TIPS!)

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    1. Brown trout jointed when trolling. Slay the Colorado reservoir browns and bows with that lure!

    2. Always loved Rapala lures. I buy a lot of them and re-paint them myself, or custom make my own closest analogue to Rapala, from scratch, with my own designs. They’re excellent on most Irish rivers and lakes. The neutrally bouyant ones with adjustable diving tab that I make, are killers on warm summer evenings.

    3. Floater has wider action and able to twitch/ pause better to trigger strikes. I will troll countdowns , but casting requires too fast retrieve to acquire the desired wobble action that triggers strikes. Floater in silver/ black #7 or #9 is my go to everything 👍

    4. I use the floating Natural color Rapala Brown Trout. I catch every type of fish on it. All fish hate Brown Trout.
      Now that I got to the end of the video I find I am using the Original.

  1. I always switch out the trebble hooks to red ones. More natural and I get more strikes.

  2. Great video as always Marlin, there is a reason Rapala has been around for years, somethings always just work.

  3. Glad to see you guys are focusing more on youtube content. I really enjoy the channel 👍

  4. If I was on any trout water and could only have one lure, it would be the old Mini Fat Rap in Orange and Gold. This lure has never let me down! Sadly, you can’t get them any more.

  5. When fishing in Rivers and Streams, the small Rapala that looks like a Rainbow trout works the best for me. But my go-to river and stream lure is the Mepps #2. Fishing the Chattahoochee, Mepps #2 is champ as far as my experience. When bank fishing on the Chattahoochee (where legal) using nightcrawlers are king. When wading and drift fishing (where legal) drifting red wigglers are King.

  6. i use rapals often over here in wales ,from the smaller versions up to the j13 , countdowns are brilliant fish catchers ,j13 i use for sea bass and 9cm floters and countdowns for sea trout and brown trout ,the golden juvinile works well for sea trout and browns, i like the 9cm for sea trout f09 gfr great action on them especialy if the river is dirty, i also use the smaller versions i have a few different in my tackle box, and they are not bad value for the money, tight lines yall

  7. My pop had quite a few of these and I guess I just never knew how to use them and was always discouraged because I never seemed to catch anything.
    Only have stock trout locally in man made lakes. I like the info, just wish We had fish down in orange county like you guys have. Always wanted to travel to go fishing just never had anyone interested enough to spend the money to go on a nice trip.
    Amy suggestions on taking a trip up your way? Would love to reel in some of those big fish! Round here mostly trout and cats. Sturgeon and striper get big. Not really my thing. I would appreciate any advice or info for guide fishing and what not around your area.
    Thanks for making vids that make me want to fish every time I see them!👍🏻

  8. Great video! I love Rapala. For some reason, I find that the 1 1/2″ rapalas have a tendency to tangle when casting so I’ve moved up to the 2″ size in floater and sinking size. If it’s windy, I find moving up to the 2 3/4″ floater casts a little better. The sinking rapala are probably better in lake and rivers but I think for fishing streams and creeks of switching over to Rapala’s ultra light minnow instead. I’ve been hearing good things about them. Their suppose to be slower sinking thus should help prevent snags.

  9. Bass fishing in the mid west I was always told to use a tight knot on rapallas that come with a split ring, but u use a rapalla knot for the hard ring. Kinda like a bowlin knot with a fisherman’s backing it up. Thanks for the vids

  10. Fished with the silver/black/red jointed rapala and caught over 12 trout, it was unreal.
    By way of Alcova Wyoming
    Good vid!

  11. In fast moving creeks and rivers I kill it with the Firetiger color scheme. However, the lures you show above are also killers for me in various situations. I love the jointed and floating the most for what I do.

  12. Watched this show, went to store bought a Rapala, went to the lake the 3rd cast beautiful 12 inch rainbow trout hite the Rapala lure, first Fish in 30 years what thrill!!! I’m a fan for sure!!!

  13. I didn’t always catch fish when I went camping but I do now thanks to this channel, as soon as I changed to using a bumper of about 2-rod lengths and rapalas (jointed 7cm is my fav ) I am catching fish constantly, Last trip I had 20 plus brownies.

  14. I tried the countdown, it’s the best lure I’ve used for wiled trout. Great lure, highly recommended.

  15. I put in-line single hooks on my Rapala lures. Less damage to the fish for return. Regards Stephen

  16. I recommend using a barrel swivel attached to the split ring on the bill. You get the same action, but when you’re using 2-6 lb line you don’t have to worry about the edge of your split ring cutting the line. Up the line about 10 inches I use another barrel swivel for added action. No split shot should be needed. Like panther Martin spinners. A number 2 means 2lb line number 4 is 4lb line and so on so forth. Use the right diameter line with the right size lure and you cast like a dream.

  17. I like the page been getting more into trout fishing I’m a avid walleye fisherman i do know a lot of them older rapalas don’t have the split rings we use a old school rapala knot it makes a crazy action that works for walleye I’m sure it work real well for trout also

  18. Man I’m so happy you make tutorial videos!! I just started fishing less than a week ago and have been obsessed with you channel! Keep grinding bro love the content

  19. The lures that I use 90% of the time in streams when trout fishing is the number 3 or 5 brown trout pattern countdown. Works even better than spinners for me! Works amazing for steelhead as well! Great action in fast or slow water

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