Slow Trolling Monster Kingfish Catching at OffShore – Red Grouper Fish

or capturing at deep sea using live bait, two king more than 25 pounds. Handline Fishing and likewise catch red . More adventure fishing video ever.

Slow Trolling Catching at OffShore – Red Fish

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    1. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,especially with Kingfish,are these men crazy?

  1. Hey buddy.. good fishing skills.
    Wanted to check if you take people for fishing trips. Kindly reply so that we can discuss the finances.

  2. You should let the small ones go. No rules on what is legal to catch or what?!🙄

  3. NIce fishing. I enjoy watching. Im here now to send back your support. See yah

  4. Your video is very good, congratulations you are a very successful fisherman, this place is incredible, it seems that where I fish there are many fish. 👍

  5. Please, how big the thread is, how long it is in the sea, and how much distance is between the heavy bait

  6. fishing with line, a paddle boat in the middle of no where and catching massive king fish..what a story!!

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