Slow Trolling for Monster Kingfish – ft. 1Rod1ReelFishing

Trolling for – ft. 11ReelFishing

Trolling for – ft. 1Rod1ReelFishing

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  1. Hey your one of my favorite YouTube channels keep up the great work

    1. BlacktipH what rod and reel are u using?and you are awesome i enjoy your videos

  2. Joseph you are awesome and i am hoping to get on the same level of awesome you and the hole rest of the fishing team are on

  3. Love the channel, Josh. The fishing is premium as well as the cinematography. No complaints ever. Hopefully i’ll get down to Florida soon!

    1. +Owen Finch Thank you for the kind words. Glad to hear that you enjoy our content.

  4. I love all the collaborations and I love this channel keep up the good work

  5. I swear iv been subscribed to this guy for like 4 years now! Best fishing channel on youtube! Keep up the work bro!

  6. please, please, please keep up making the awesome videos. you should do another dolphin fishing trip. I really enjoy those videos.

  7. Josh is the nice guy man, I wish other youtubers were like him and the people he fishes with

  8. It’s cool that you support your local charter companies, definitely do their job well!

  9. Frying dumplings and watching blacktiph and 1rod1reel power nap. Nothing could get better

  10. Oh, what fun! I just discovered this channel and I have two words for Josh and his fans.

    Fly rod!

    Almost 50 years ago Dad and I would break out the fly rods when the feeding frenzy surrounded the boat. We caught countless Pacific Mackerel, barracuda, and bonito, throwing poppers and streamers. We also caught quite a few Yellowtail, San Diego’s equivalent of an Amberjack, by trolling home made squid streamers. And once, just once, I managed to bring a 7 foot blue shark, who was caught right in the corner of the mouth, close enough to the stern to cut the 30lb mono leader about two inches from the fly. Fly lines are rather expensive so we would generally clamp down and break off the leader before a shark or other really huge fish would get to the backing but all the luck lined up that one time.

    Now? I’m rather old and tired and I’ve been landlocked in Minnesota but I still do a fair amount of stream fishing for trout and I wouldn’t miss the mayfly hatch on the Mississippi. A guy doesn’t miss the ocean quite as much when one can catch 15 pound Northern Pike or even 30 pound carp on a 7 weight fly rod! I still get to make that decision to clamp down and break the leader, though It’s generally only 6lb test, before getting to the backing and trusting a knot.


    And here’s a message for Mike and anyone else who is prone to seasickness, like me. The secret is to never lose sight of the horizon. Don’t lie down, don’t even look down to tie on a fresh bait/lure. Once your eyes stop keeping up with your inner ear you’re sick!

    1. what a waste of time. you probably could have went out and caught a shark by the time you got done writing the paragraphs

  11. Epic bite ! You have play by play action . Interaction from captain to client working together to put quality fish in the boat . Listen to the reals scream and blacktiph calling the shots . I look forward to the next video. Who cares what kind of reels you use . The fish will never know lol. Go slob city / blacktiph

  12. Keeps his boat clean, brushes blood off deck as he goes…outstanding!💯

  13. Wouldn’t it be totally sick to have a screamin’ drag alarm clock ? You would never be late to the dock!

  14. Fishing for King Mackerel is my passion and you guys caught some really nice ones! One can never have enough experience or information when it comes to tackling these toothy silver bullets; thanks for sharing.

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