Epic Day Offshore Fishing With Topwater and Trolling

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Tight Lines,


Rod, Dark Matter Popping Rod
Reel, I would not advise an 8000 guard for Tuna .
Reels, I should have been utilizing.
Daiwa Certate SW Spinning Frame or
Shimano 2020 Saragosa
Braid, 65Lb
Mono Leader, 100lb

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My fish grippers
30lb and 60lb

Head Webcam Gopro Hero 7 Black
3rd Person Gopro Hero 8 Black
Head Webcam Wind Cover


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Epic Day Fishing With Topwater and Trolling

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  1. Awesome vid man! I was saying to myself…damn the shield is really handling that fish anddddd it broke lol.

    1. Hahaha yeah it’s seen some miles on it before this outing so for a $100 reel it eventually just bit the dust. Still reels on the left though so I’ll probably retire it to a back up.

    2. @FishAholic Fishing Much respect. You don’t care about what the masses are using, its the fishing that counts to me. But I also like nice shiny things lol. Thanks Brotha!

  2. Absolutely outstanding video Rich! I’m glad that you were able to get into some good bluefin action. We went out about 2 weeks ago and boated 3 yellowfin and our limit of bluefin. We lost a bigeye that broke the leader. Good for you!

    1. Awesome Kevin, that sounds like a good outing! We’re trying to get out to the canyon next for yellows and bigeyes. Tight lines!!

  3. Dude, last three videos some of your best so far! Great stuff and great work!

  4. Rich, awesome video. You are a true pro with the handle swap. Never missed a beat. We are waiting for the storm that is coming to Fl to pass us early this week. I have become addicted to the noise the drag makes lol! Have a great week.

  5. Been having some epic days out there lately. Good for u. U deserve it.

  6. Amazing footage! Would love to see more of this! 🤔 What happened to the 8000 Shield? Looks like you stripped the threads out of the main gear…. 🤣 For tuna fishermen on a budget : Daiwa BG 8000 / Okuma Azores Blue 8000 / Fin nor Lethal 100, these reels will get the job done too 😉 🤙😎 🍻

    1. I would step up your gear and get at least a spin fisher. Those things are bulletproof and u can find em for like $50 more than the bg

  7. That first blow up on the pause was crazy 🤘🏽 and fixed the reel mid fight .

  8. Truly beautiful boat and experienced crew will make for a good time. I love it when everything comes together for safe and successful offshore trip. Would hope you might show us how you prepare bluefin for table. best Chris

  9. Love the videos bruh! So jealous. I’ll be off the vineyard next week giving it a go. Wish me luck getting my son on some fish.

  10. EPIC BITE!
    Forgot how much fun the fishing can be up North. Spent many Summers fishing out of Montauk. Now a bit spoiled in SW FL – where it’s ON – all year round.
    Keep up the outstanding content! Keep em’ Tight!

  11. Great stuff…your video production is really impressive. You always tell the story well with great footage. Excellent work, you make it look easy.

  12. Hey man!! I’ve read that those tsunami reels you use have failed frequently, of course that could be from user error as even the best reels have been slammed for this. In your honest opinion can they compete with the more expensive reels on the market like the penn slammer daiwa saltist etc?

  13. Great video, my friend! Lovely fishing! The nature is amazing, too…What kind of fish is that? Enjoyed watching a lot! Cheers from Russia, man, and how about visiting my channel as well? I’ve got something to share about wild adventures! Anyway, best wishes in all your plans and beginnings! Regards, Yuriy!

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