Waited my Whole Life for this Fish!

The locations we fished on Norfolk are strictly directed access just out of respect to the landowners and local anglers. If you wish to fish any of these ledges be sure to contact among the charter operators prior to arrival.

Our trip was hosted by Permanent Vacations, have a look at their site for more details on Norfolk adventures:

We stayed at Highlands Norfolk Island, accommodation for big or little groups:

Cheers Jay for being our personal guide for the week: @hashtagandrelease

For more details on Norfolk Island check out:

Medium Setup
Reel – Daiwa Saltiga 5000H
Rod – Daiwa Saltiga X792S 4/5
Line – Daiwa JBraid 40lb
Leader – Varivas Ocean Record 140lb
Draw – ZetZ Blatt L Jig 100g

Electronic camera Equipment
Head – GoPro 6 Black
Water – GoPro 6 Black
Vlog – Sony RX100v5

Support the Channel –
Briggsy Instagram – @briggsyfishing
Merch –

Waited my Whole Life for this Fish!

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    1. Hi sir, nice catch wish more lock, im your new fun from philippines, romblon philippines. If you have more time come to philippines.

  1. Love when that endless cast insanity actually pays off! Congrats on the yellow mate!

  2. Absolutely insane mate! What a great chance to catch a yellow off the rocks.

  3. briggsy is like the only fisherman on youtube that genuinely cares for the well being of the fish he catches.

    1. @Pollie 074 lol for real. I can name many other YouTube fisherman that would do the same. Nwfs. Addicted fishing, Jon B, one rod etc.

  4. I know and love that feeling so much bro! Congratulations! You guys inspired me to catch my first one too ✊🏽

  5. It’s always a special feeling to hook into a brand new species. I know well the excitement it can generate and noticed how your voice went several octaves higher after realizing what you finally hooked… good on ya mate and kudos to you and your crew of friends for providing all other fishermen a chance to witness these adventures. I had a feeling once you released it, it was going to bolt out of sight quickly!

  6. You can tell how much that meant to you catching that yellow fin and to get it back so quick and healthy . Makes it all worthwhile. Also love how well you did to hide your location by flipping the the shot. All about protecting the fish and respecting the land. Top quality as always bro . Yeeeeeeww 💪

  7. Sooooooo awesome! Wish I could come over and fish with you and Cavy one day! Great video! Beautiful fish!

  8. Briggsy, your reaction when you realized it was a yellow was bloody priceless mate, congrats 👍

  9. 😂 How funny is it that Briggsy loses his mind at exactly 4:20 🔥🤪🎣 Been there done that just keep casting 💪

  10. That casting montage gives a real appreciation for what you do for every fish! I’m sure that was barely a fraction of them!

    Great stuff, as always!

  11. My goodness this is one of the best fishing vids I’ve ever seen. The raw enthusiasm, elation over the catch, care for the fish, and the underwater footage release. Fantastic all around. Well done, mate.

  12. 7:53 “…if I’m casting I should be filming” – Words that every fishing video creator lives by 😎
    Good stuff mate, could feel how excited you were to catch this one!

  13. Guys love you vids, love more the efforts you put in not only to catch, but the extra efforts to release them.
    Class Act Mate, Tight Lines in the future.

  14. I love and respect how quick you want to get him back in. Awesome dude well done! 🤟

  15. Man
    The way you released this fish is incredible!
    There’s much more fun and emotions and incredible things when we provide the life!!!
    You guys are the best


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