Utterly defeated…

Big shout out to Leon from 'Living Totally Free ' for putting Milsy on his first ever Longtail, next time we'll have a larger and way more !
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Fishing Gear
– 14k Saltiga
– JBraid PE4.
Leader – 80lb Varivas Ocean Record.
Bait – Slimy .
Drone – DJI Phantom 4 Pro.
Drone Accessory – Sea Ulcer Sky Rigger.

Cam Gear.
Head Cam – GoPro Hero 8.
Pole Web Cam – GoPro Hero 8.
Drone – DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Utterly defeated…

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  1. That was so cool to see those longtail tuna from above! Keep up the great content Briggsy yeww!

  2. Definitely need the bigger set-up 🎣 absolutely enjoying if there was more line on the reel

  3. Hope you have a P10 overhead reel with 500m+ worth of line for next time. Bring on the next catch and cook Briggsy 🤙🎣

  4. Loving it mate, that was epic! I’ve drone fished out the front of Fraser island and hooked up to a small black marlin on a dirty pilly. It’s amazing what opportunities are available with a drone.

  5. That was utterly AMAZING to watch BRIGGYS!!! 🤙💪 I was at the end of my chair watching that!!!

  6. HI! I am a 13 year boy that lives in Queensland Australia. I always love your fishing vids and I got inspired by you. When I grow up, I want to go to islands to fish like you and catch some awesome fish. Well right now, all I catch are breams and flaties but I’m still having fun with them. Well, see ya!

    1. Keep youre dreams up little bro im from germany and had the same dreams just like you. Im 23 now and a professional so never give up

    2. @release_predator i promise that i will never give up and become a professional like you one day 🙂

    3. Go hard man I spent the last few years partying and now the past year on fishing mainly, better for your mental and physical health don’t waste your time on things you won’t remember, tight lines Lil dude

    4. im 15 and have never given up and i go offshore on a regular basis with ma dad who is a professional fisho and im already at his level because ive never stopped learning and listening so mate just dont ever give up and eventually you’ll get to that level

  7. Great vid always love seeing you Briggys! You should have known you were going to be in trouble with so little line! Awesome vid keep it coming!!

  8. Actually the amount of line in the water will act as drag, so wear out the fish by reeling in slower than usual and let the fish tire itself out by dragging all the line between you and the fish. The trick is to keep it tight enough to keep it hooked. Looks fun. Circle hooks might be a good choice here.

  9. Regardless of the line out that longy was still dusting him on a 14k saltiga

  10. Good to see you back with some crazy stuff.Never will I fish with an empty reel.Its like walking in front of an onrushing truck.😂😂😂

  11. No intro. No music. No b roll… and still the most interesting fishing videos on YouTube. Good job Briggsy!

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