The Biggest Sportfishing Yachts / White Marlin Open / 70′ to 97′

All the biggest from the that I got on electronic camera! Leading marks go to 18 REELER, a Weaver Boatworks 97' sportfishing luxury yacht.

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Sportfishing Boats in this Video:
00:15 Hatteras GT70/ HATTERASCAL
00:35 Viking 70 Convertible/ MJOLNIR
00:57 Spencer Yachts 70/ BLUE EAGLE
01:15 Viking 70 Convertible/ KRAZY SALT'S.
01:27 Viking 72 Convertible/ VIKING 72.
01:57 Bayliss Boatworks 73/ SHARK BYTE.
02:23 Viking 80 Convertible/ AMARULA SUN.
02:48 Viking 80 Convertible/ CATCH 23.
03:23 Viking 80 Convertible/ MISS VICTORIA.
03:48 Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge/ AUSPICIOUS.
04:19 Viking 82 Convertible/ SWEETUMS.
04:56 Weaver Boatworks DC97/ 18 REELER.

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Remarkable LED Yacht lights in Miami: "Miami River Yachts Celebration All Night Long/ ZIPZAPPOWER".

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The Biggest / / 70' to 97'

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  1. Yeah that Weaver 97′ definitely deserved a few minutes in front of the camera!!! 😍

    1. @Ashley Pozil need an extra deckhand? I can run lines and rig baits with the best of them… Haha

  2. That inlet is rolling!!! And GEEEESUS!! Despite how rough that inlet is those boats just slice right through!!! WOW… Great compilation ZipZap! I absolutely love the videos…. You my friend are the original O.G when it comes to the action boat niche!!💪😎

    1. The boats probably weigh 50-100 thousand pounds (guessing) but don’t ever underestimate the power of water 💪, if you do you will get yourself into trouble real quick.

    2. @Challenge The Build oh I hear you. I’m just referring to the conditions in the video is all. I’ve seen footage of tankers in monster waves looking like they’re going to twist in half. I run inlets in small boats here in florida and I never underestimate them.

  3. These things are SINGING…I‘d buy one just to hear the turbos spool!

    1. Thomas Autengruber you’d just “buy one” just to hear the turbos spool yea sure ya would…. totally would spend 6 million+ just to hear the turbos

    2. Hobo God
      The sound conveying the raw power and sense of capability…
      Doing close to 40 knots in something as big and as comfortable as a house is not bad either!

    1. All it takes is power. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of power. The PT boats in WW2 could do right at about the same… with three 2,000 HP aircraft engines for power. With the added weight to be “comfortable” inside… these probably have more power than that!!!

  4. When you think you’re the man, until the Weaver 97 blows by you at 40 knots.

    1. Many of these have style over substance. Railings on the bow make sense. Someone eventually will die because they are not there.

    2. The only one I liked was the Weaver, But I still think the Rivera 72 is a better sportfishing yacht. Them Aussie know how to make sportfishing yachts.

    3. Has anyone done a walk around video of the DC97? You got to have it, to get one, awesomeness on the water!

    4. @Gary Eaton The owner does a complete tour in a sales vid.
      There is another owner of the 122ft MaryP as well built by his own company Trinity.

  5. Finally another one to watch the BIG BOYS!! Thanks for this! And as said, you are the original!
    Oh….and how bout those turbos singing away?!

  6. Luxury is a 97′ fishing yacht that goes 46 mph…such a beaitiful and amazing machine

    1. @Isaias Douglas thanks so much for your reply. I got to the site thru google and im in the hacking process atm.
      Looks like it’s gonna take quite some time so I will reply here later with my results.

    2. @Isaias Douglas It did the trick and I actually got access to my account again. Im so happy!
      Thank you so much, you really help me out !

  7. Great footage! Gorgeous yachts!!! The thing that blew my mind most was considering that in just five minutes, about 100,000 horsepower blew by…

  8. Thanks for making this great video. There are very few pure convertibles like this in Australia, although there are some in Cairns (in Queensland) where they go after the thousand pound black marlin there, and a few in Sydney – although most are set up for cruising with fishing as an afterthought.

  9. Another great WMO video! That’s some serious hardware coming in through the inlet. I think it’s funny how the bow of a lot of the boats coming in were dry on Monday since it was so calm, until they slowed down.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. Amazing how these 80 ton+ beauts seem to travel so effortlessly through the inlet! But oh, what money it takes to enjoy such spoils of war.

    I really like how the Spencer & Bayliss boats ride on the water and they are fast too. They’re a little lighter and have a different hull design than Viking, which ride a little more bow-up. Typically, Hatteras & Bertram have always squatted a bit more. It was nice to see Weaver Boat Works, built nearby in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay get some creds. I like the design with the enclosed bridge and open bridge one deck above. No need for a expensive, heavy tower that looks neat but rarely gets used. That’s what drones are for! Ha!

    ZZP – Thanx for the “reboot” of these glorious days of the 2019 WMO!

    1. Spoils of war? Higher education has indoctrinated the mindset of many to believe the perception of wealth had to of been achieved by others loss or by thievery of some sort. Most of these owners if they had to cash out they’d be broke due to one business venture being leveraged against another. I myself enjoy seeing capitalism at work not war and those funding capitalism at play enjoying their earnings how they wish

  11. Great to see the homecoming. Excellent quality and sound!!! My fav is the Viking 72C. Beautiful vessel. Thank you very much!!!

  12. There’s one in biloxi MS, 122foot, 4,000 mile range, not a speed demon but a sport fishing boat that has had many 30 day trips without refueling or resupplying, that’s the definition of amazing

  13. That Weaver is built in deal Maryland. It comes back every fall for maintenance. The haul and salon were loaded on a semi and moved over a bridge to be assembled. Incredible build.

  14. The Viking boats are beautiful. I would like to see their hulls have a little more bow flair like the Carolina builders for chop like you see at Oregon, Hatteras and Haulover Inlets.

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