Sportfishing Boat Compilation | All for the Fishes

Some huge, some little, some fast, some sluggish. however all for the fishes.
I recorded these boats over two days at Fort Lauderdale Inlet. I like enjoying a going out or in up on airplane. I'm thinking about getting a sunmask for the when I'm out shooting.:.
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Amazing LED Yacht lights in Miami: "Miami River Yachts Party All Night Long/ ZIPZAPPOWER".

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Boat Compilation | All for the Fishes

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  1. SKIP JAC is my favorite of this compilation, I filmed the boat on both days, and both days she was running on plane and lookin’ good.

    1. Thanks man. This showed up on my home page and I was like wait. That’s our boat. Lmao

    2. It’s a cool boat. Not a lot of room. I helped with the last repower. Pair of i6-800 MAN with a northern lights generator wedged between them.

  2. I don’t know man, I’m kinda picky so you got anything else..?! ;D
    Jeez, so many beautiful boats! Great job Zippy!

  3. The blue enclosed bridge with the tender on the bow is weak for a sportfish, I’ve seen bigger outriggers on a 32 Bertram

    1. Bewitched..I’ve never seen a 32 bertam.28, 31, even 1 year made a 30ft.

  4. Love the Riv at 4:24. Classy Australian style ;). Aussie Aussie Aussie :P!

  5. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the one at 3:51? Or is that a custom built vessel?

  6. It would be a lot better if you had identified the builder of each boat.I enjoyed watching,thanks.

    1. 1. Jersey cape 2. viking, 3. seaforce, 4. viking, 5. semi custom, 6. semi custom, 7. seaforce, 8. silverton (?), 9. Riviera, 10. ?, 11 silverton (?), 12. viking, 13. semi custom.

  7. If I could hit the like button on this video a million times I would i live it so much i have watched it like 5000 times

    1. Those are my dream boats, I would prefer one over a 30 million dollar yacht, no kidding!

  8. This is my ultimate dream is to have a boat like this. Perhaps a 40-footer or 45 footer is good enough for me. But the cost of these boats even at 40 or 45 footer is so expensive, more expensive than a house. I see some of these boats used 40 and 45 Footers for close to $600,000. To dream that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to achieve.

  9. So… I’ve always been an infisherman for all my life. I’m 46 and do pretty well chasing reds trout and flounder.
    I recently went to Cabo and fished on a 32ft open Cabo…I Must say I’m hooked and ready for bigger seas and bigger fish!

    Does anyone have input on a used boat, brand, make, model?

    150k will be my budget( that’s all I got) What can I do to prepare myself for this?

    1. Take some classes, go to the marinas and talk to sportfishing captains. 150k should get you a badass boat, but remember that you’ll be shilling out 5k for every gas tank lol.

  10. My favourite boat is from 1:05 – 1:37
    Oh btw the boat at 1:37 is blacktiph boat!

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