Sport Fishing Yacht & Deep Sea Fishing – Guam 4

Today is a last minute invite , on a gorgeous, sport yacht! It does not take long for us to enjoy! We set out and take pleasure in the fresh air, the views of coco island, and after that it's time to fish! Watch to see what we catch and how many! Tuna? Marlin? Shark? This video ends with some fresh sashimi on the dock! And do not fret, I do take you for a tour of the yacht!

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This video was filmed at Agat, Guam 2019.

CAM: GoPro 7

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I don't live in one place too long! I am a taking a trip who works in new locations across the world as I find new marinas & luxury yachts to get on & explore the world above, below, & on the water. I'll expose you to new cultures, foods, landscapes, experiences, & environmental issues along the method.

Sport Yacht & – Guam 4

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  1. This looked like a fun outing, a good time to practice fishing and catching some fish.

  2. You look great on a fishing boat, your lucky you got to go out with those people, And the day was WOW glad you had fun , take care

  3. You definitly look ” at home ” when you’re on a boat.
    Definitly looks like it was a fun day

  4. Looks like your video and editing skills have bumped up to the next level. Good stuff.

  5. Thanks for the absolutely wonderful video Laura!!!! Your effervescent personality really comes to life when you are in a social setting. No matter how hot the dip was for the sashimi, it would be mild in comparison to how hot you looked!!!

  6. Your video keeps getting better..You own the sea,it’s your home ,you swim like you are water,you relax in it.Your videos are relaxing,thanks for posting.🎣

  7. Gorgeous boat, gorgeous day, gorgeous girl. Some people have it all. Thank you for sharing a little bit of it.

  8. Great video Laura, your editing skills have come a long way in a short time. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  9. Happy New Year Laura! Really nice to see you get back on the water, and nice power boat. Wasn’t good to see you drinking that BW beer though 😉 that Lite stuff will make ya heavy and silly 😉 but understand..sometimes you drink what’s available. Fresh fish is always great, and know you didn’t have much of that before, but hopefully they’ll be fishing ahead on your boat in the future!

  10. Looks like you had a good time fishing and being back on a boat looking forward to seeing more videos

  11. Oh my gosh-ness, gorgeous as ever Laura. And those cute little piggys look sweet dressed in peach. Keep the videos coming girl, I’m enjoying all your adventures.

  12. You are definitely built better for Sport Fishing boats than you are for any kind of sail boat

  13. Your videography and editing has come a long way in a short time! Good job!

  14. Your videos are getting better and better! Keep it up! Good music, good camera skills and good vibes keep it up.

  15. Hey Laura, thanks for making my winter a little bit more tolerable here in Minnesota. I heard you mention Minnesota in another video. Are you originally from there? I just looked up Guam on google earth, not that big of an island. A spec in the Pacific really.

    1. LaLa Libra as someone who loves spending time on the water. You must have spent a few days enjoying Minnesota’s many lakes possibly back in the day?

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