Shallow Water Reef Fishing – Florida Sport Fishing TV – Great Family Fun Fishing Lots Of Tips

Shallow Water Fishing TV – Great Family Fun Fishing Lots Of Tips

Shallow Water Fishing TV – Great Family Fun Fishing Lots Of Tips

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  1. Love your vids. Being a lawyer with two young kids and two great danes, you’re as close as I’m getting to offshore for some time. If you ever want to fish the lake behind our house in Coral Springs (lol) – let me know!

  2. Thanks for watching, trust me I have spent plenty of time with my two nephews fishing some lakes/ponds in your area. A few hold some solid peacocks and largemouths. Don’t worry, time flies. Before you know it the kids will be grown up and you’ll have plenty of free time…..Capt Mike

  3. Thanks for watching, we appreciate your support however one thing that I have certainly learned, it is impossible to make everyone happy all of the time. Capt Mike

  4. Thank you for watching, we appreciate your support. We were fishing large baits, snappers and grunts, just off the bottom in about 250 feet. Capt Mike

  5. Hi Captain Mike,
    What size circle hooks did you use for those patch reef grouper? also do you have any tips to catch mangrove snapper off of reefs? I really enjoy reading your magazine and watching your shows as they are very interesting and informative. I am 16 and I really like fishing for reef fish with light tackle. PS… are you sure that wasn’t a keeper lane snapper that you caught that nice A.J. on?
    Thank you very much,

  6. Yes, it was a lane snapper….we had a couple baits down and I mistakenly thought that one was baited with a grunt, good eye….circle hook size varies depending on bait size, anywhere from 5/0 to 8/0 for grouper and up to 11/0 for AJs. Regarding mangroves, now is the time. Night is best with steady chum slick and current is a must. Fish are in 30 to 90 feet right now. Capt Mike

  7. Now if I could carry all that bait on my kayak, it would be great. That’s where the jigs come to play. A couple of jigs and some deep diving lures…swooosh! Nicely done Capt.

  8. We were fishing a variety of reefs, some shallow patches along the south Palm Beach coast, some 70-130 spots off Boca, and some deep water wrecks off Pompano. Hope that helps….Capt Mike

  9. When reef/wreck fishing for snapper, its rare we use live gogs. We certainly didn’t on this episode. We will however use fresh gogs cut in half. Killer mutton snapper bait! Capt Mike

  10. hey! nice video and what reel do you use for the first grouper?? looking forward to a response from you guys.

  11. What do you intend to do with the reel? The different sizes offer varying line capacity so thats important. What species/venues do you intend to use the reel in/for?

  12. The BG 40 is a perfect, versatile all around size for that type of fishing. Capt Mike

  13. I’ve been watching all your videos to get tips here and there because were just getting a boat and help works. Only thing is we don’t know where to go. Any help with that? Would really like to know where these patch reefs are out of Hillsborough where you’ve been catching these groupers and kings? If not, how do you find them?

  14. Shallow patch reefs just a few miles north of Boca Inlet off Spanish River just off the lifeguard towers in approx 30 ft. You can’t miss them. Deeper reef lines in approx 60-70 ft and 90-110 ft run up and down the coast, all clearly marked on charts and relatively easy to find on sonar and chart plotter. Artificial wrecks off Boca and Pompano Beach, all on charts as well. Capt Mike

  15. Hi Captain Mike, just wanted to let you know that your advice was spot on. In September, My friend and I hit a reef 3 miles off of Tampa in 10 foot and limited out with 15+ inch mangroves in the first hour. We only had shrimp so, after we limited out, we caught some pinfish and other bait and found a small ledge around 4 miles offshore in 15 foot. We then proceeded to catch two keeper gag grouper a piece and release many others. Quite a colorful day in a 16 foot boat. Thank you very much for your advice. I also had a question… do you recommend the saltist 20 as a good reel that I could use for snapper and light grouper fishing farther offshore?

    1. Nice to hear you had a solid day – awesome! The Saltist 20 is fine for light duty bottom fishing, etc. I would load it with 20-30 lb braid for maximum line capacity and sensitivity. Catch ’em up! Capt Mike

  16. It’s amazing how you’re not even a mile off the beach and you’re are already catching nice size grouper. When I have to go at least 30 miles offshore to catch decent size grouper.

    1. Got to love South Florida buddy. We’re blessed with the Gulf Stream.

  17. Capt. Mike, great information as always, a really good segment! Best Salt Water Fishing show around! Makes this Kentucky boy ache for some Summer sun & saltwater! 😉 Thanks

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate the support. – Capt Mike

  18. How far before the wreck do you start your drifts? and how far do you pass the wreck before you pick up your lines?

    1. All depends on current/speed of drift, I want to make sure I have baits in the strike zone for at least 100-200 yards on either side of the structure. – Capt Mike

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