Easy To Learn FG Fishing Knot

The with a Rizzuto surface is my go-to . I'll utilize it for GT, Tuna, Bass and everything in-between! But this here reveals you the exact knot I tie when Popping and Stickbaiting for GT with my heavy setups.
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Easy To Learn FG

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  1. Stoked for the awesome feedback fellas! I was trying to work out how to film this so that it was easy to follow and in the end found myself sitting on the floor hunched forward with my arms chicken winged out wrapping around the camera haha. Seemed unco at the time but when I watched the footage back it looked pretty great!

    1. It was perfect and easy to follow the steps including how to finish and which ends to pull to finalize the knot. Spot on mate

    2. Thanks legend!! Super easy to learn! Would love to see rod and reel reviews from you! Love the content

  2. Absolute best fg knot tutorial ever!!! Clear concise steps and because of how you shot it (lighting, backdrop and settings) I could actually see how the knot takes shape.

  3. U made it look so simple. There are 1000s of FG videos out there but yours is the best to follow for anyone who is new to FG.. keep up the work mate 👌🏻👌🏻✌🏻

  4. I just started using the FG right before I caught my largest fish ever from shore. I’m so glad I made the change. It seems like people find there individual ways for finishing off the knot. I always enjoy your videos and the Morning Tide adventures too. Thanks!

  5. Thank you Briggsy! That was by FAR the BEST FG knot tutorial out there! Mad props for putting out an easy to follow, visually simple way to do this! You the man! Yeww!
    Looking forward to more vlogs!

  6. hands down, probably the most clearest and most understanding video of the FG knot!

    1. @Joseph Richardson the IFISH one is a nightmare, tying this to your foot.. wrapping this around your hand etc etc. follow briggsy! Rissuto finish is stronger and more efficient than a few half hitch knots.

    2. @cartierbones i did it pretty well ig but i am starting to get problems with it

  7. I’ve been scared of learning this knot

    So much easier now ive watched this vid! 🤙

  8. great video, I use 30 ft of shock leader and most all wind knots come from those little tags catching on a guide when casting ( or the spool is a bit to full) so get them close and you should have no problem, you guys absolutely rock fishing GT’s love the videos…..it is on my bucket list..

  9. Briggsy bro awesome technique. I’ve been trying to tie this knot many different ways and I tried your way one time and it’s the simplest way I’ve found to do it. Thanks for the video love the Chanel keep it up brother. Tight lines

  10. Hey mate, seen a heap of fg knot videos before this one and I was struggling. You make it look so easy. Your video was the only one I could follow easily and I’ve done four of my rods already. Champion effort! I’m bloody stoked I’ve finally learnt how to tie it. Thanks!!!

  11. I’ve been trying to learn the FG recently and this was by far the best tutorial I’ve seen. Awesome, thank you so much!!

  12. Thanks for the tutorial man,it’s help me more easy to follow these step.I use your FG’s style from the days i learn how to cast until this day and i caught a couple of fresh water fish without any problems.Thanks man.

  13. That is THE best FG demo on Youtube. An excellent ‘version’ of the knot obviously based on putting tackle to the ultimate test. Very cleary demonstrated and articulated. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Briggsy, been following your vids for quite some time now and you have awesome content!!! I was looking around for braid to leader knots cause I’ve been losing my rigs the past few weeks ( been fishing for a year now ) and I stumbled across your FG know video. Tried it out and did not lose my rig today at all!!! Thank you for explaining and teaching it methodically so we all can understand how to tie a great knot. 👍👍👍

  15. Tied my first FG knot yesterday using your tutorial , than tested it on a 5 ft shovelnose ! I still can’t believe how well it holds , been afraid of using it for years !!

  16. Great clear tutorial, I’ve been tying this knot like this for several years and never had one fail. Eventually after many casts the mainline weakens just above the knot so keep an eye on this. I’ve found tying a small loop in the mainline first makes it a lot easier to hold in your teeth, especially if you’re out on a boat in rough weather!

  17. I’ve used this knot for about a year now. I fish sharks from the beach when I can and this knot has never failed. Thanks briggsy

  18. Best video mate. Every time I needed to re-tie my leader I’d watch this video. At first it was taking me the entire length of the video to tie the FG so about 15+ minutes each time. Now after a bunch of practice with this vid I can smash em in a few minutes. Super stoked and thankful. Would also encourage anyone new to the FG to just keep doing it over and over even when you feel like you don’t understand it.. eventually it will make sense. Coming from a uncoordinated goob like me, you got this!

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