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  1. Nice little fillets m88 probably one of the first actually filleting like a boss I’ve seen for a long time nice to know others know what there doing without mangling the meat 😂

    1. The most common reason I see people mangling the filet is their knife just isn’t sharp.

    2. @Vertical Sorh …and the base reason is they don’t understand or care about the knife. My dad had that same basic leak in his game.

    1. Obviously you don’t know much about fishing lol, that’s a textbook coho. Not to mention the meat color.

  2. That’s how you fillet a fucking fish! From the very front bone to the tip of the tail.
    The best filleting video ever!

  3. He makes it look do easy…mine looks like it’s been through a meat grinder 🥺

  4. This just simply isn’t possible… a video where the fish has been bled and gutted before filleting. I can’t believe what I’m seeing

  5. We have a salmon run here every fall and we love to catch them with fishing poles they fight very hard. So we have salmon to eat year round. It is right up there with Ribeye steaks

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