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  1. Yeap, I´ve learnt a lot these past years in this one of those. Didn´t loose one salmon last summer but cought around 50. Thanks.

  2. Great video. Where is it from? Is it part of a nature documentary? I had luck with one of the sisters in Scotland – unfortunately the artificial kind (i don’t mean a blow up doll :)) – interested to see that if you get a ‘nibble’ but not a strong take to go for something a different colour. Anyway, they are wonderful creatures. Tight lines.

  3. Absolutely amazing footage ,just shows how the fish react when one of the group of fish is hooked and the others dont even look as though anything different is happening
    Question though how did you guys know the fish were there ,did you search the water first with the camera??

    thank you for a brilliant peace of work

  4. Great fishing clip! To all the people who complained about the salmon being beached, get over it! The salmon will be fine. They bang and crash against stones and rocks as they swim up the river. The most important thing is to get the hook out and get them back in the water quickly… which he did. Nice underwater shots. Good on you!

  5. Thank you for that piece of info. the rod is a single handed 7. It´s perfect for grilse and bigger trout, especially sea trout. For bigger salmon it is better to have a double handed rod.

  6. I wonder what type of camera was used for the underwater shots. Seems that it captured color reasonably well; not all underwater cameras do.

  7. Some interesting notes 1) many takes could be unnoticeable for the angler 2) salmon rarely chase the fly too long, most takes happened when fly was very close to the fish 3) fighting of one hooked fish doesnt spook the rest of the crowd

  8. What beautiful underwater filming, I could watch this all day! Most educational too learning how and where they hold and how they react to our flies. Such clear water too. How spectacular that you get to enjoy that!! and we do too vicariously. Do you have more videos?

  9. We have same fish in New Brunswick Canada.Nice footage hope to see more

    1. Fisher Steeves Wow, that fish gets about! And I thought that Atlantic salmon returned to the same river every year!

  10. Sweet fishing! Nice fish and great underwater footage! well DONE 10+++++++

  11. I’d love it at the end of each season if you were sent a report by ‘the all seeing eye’! In that report it told you how many pools you fished that actually did or did not have fish in at the time. What casts you made which had fish interested etc. It’s a complete fantasy but it would be great just to know. It’s a really interesting video just to see how the salmon react. Amazing shots.

  12. Okay, a new additional bucket list item! Salmon fishing in Iceland! Yes!

    Just a thought, maybe weigh down the fly more. Here in the U.S., we wrap the shank of the hook with lead to weigh it down to get deeper into the zone. BTW, dragging it onto shore is perfectly fine. 😊😊😊😊

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