Grizzly Bears Catching Salmon | Nature’s Great Events | BBC Earth

It's the time of year when the make their yearly trip upstream to spawn, however jumping past the waiting hungry bears is no easy task.

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Grizzly Bears Catching | 's Great Events | BBC Earth

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  1. Blood bath! They had no chance. Those salmon that sacrifice themselves so others may live, i salute you.

    1. @Big Daddy yes, they deserve the salute! (This is not sarcasm)- Uno reverse

    1. @4touchdowns1game but bears rarely attack humans but when they do it’s usually a mother protecting her Cubs or because your in their personal space

  2. From the moment they’re born, they spend their entire lifetime trying to avoid fishing nets, fishing lures, diseases, predators (killer whales, other species, mankind, etc.).  Then when their natural life cycle is coming to an end, and they’re finally on the way to give life to a new batch of offspring, and battling natures obstacles ever step of the way, they jump right into the waiting jaws of a bear.  What a life!!

    1. @Abnicity i thought you were talking about humans until the end with a beautiful analogy

    2. No you didn’t hear the narrator properly. He said: “for every Salmon that gets caught, hundreds make it past the bears”
      Negativity Bias.

    3. I’m glad we’re all human and can just read about this amazing stuff form the safety of our living rooms while sipping on some tea

    1. I just ate some it’s the whole reason why I searched this up

      Also god damn 5 years ago

    2. Salmon fillets broiled in the oven with lemon pepper seasoning are delicious.

  3. it’s a amazing how those bears know exactly when the salmon will arrive and wait for them. Ah nature

    1. @Gerry S.S God is just a excuse for ministers to avoid reality by exploiting mindlessly loyal people giving their money to them when they foolishly believe it helps God it renovated s building

    2. @Tony England how about you stop turning everything into a argument I don’t believe in religious beliefs

    3. @Michael Dillon How about you stop crying, I never even TYPED anything to you, you triggered little princess.

  4. The bears are amazing, but if you’ve seen this program and the amazing journey the salmon go through, they are equally remarkable.

    1. Chris25698 it’s amazing they even make it up that waterfall. Add hungry bears, how do any manage to make it?

  5. Salmon live in a real life video game.

    If they want to finish the game they have to get past a bunch of really overleveled monsters.

  6. This is one of the most beautifully filmed scenes I’ve ever watched. Amazing world we live in.

  7. I feel bad for the fish for getting shredded alive, and I would also feel bad for the bears if they went hungry… 🤷‍♂️

    1. just nature things.
      Thats why we invented culture, that sometimes we also use for our advantage as a species.

    2. I was thinking that. Who on earth knows what their body is going through when they get torn apart.

    3. Surf and Turf.

      Have some Salmon with Bear Steak.

      The 2 negative emotions should make it a positive experience.

  8. Absolutely love these bears! I love it when they catch their food! I really do! These bears are my favorite animals! Bears love fish! It’s one of their favorite meal!

  9. I love to see the bears catch them. They are so patient and work so hard for it. Team Bears lol

  10. Imagine canoeing down that river then seeing a small waterfall up ahead with around 20 or so bears waiting at it.

  11. Nature is amazing. I love how the bears are saving the fish from drowning.

  12. I went to Canada in 2019 to see this for myself it was the best thing Iv ever done! They are wonderful animals so much power👍👍

  13. That footage is simply amazing!!!! Whoa!!!!! High speed cameras, capturing these magnificent animals in action, literally snatching the fish out of midair!

  14. The bears fighting over the best fishing spots and the salmon jumping out to see where the bears are prove how intelligent these creatures are

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