We had a blast today walking in to for kings! We remain in the start of fall season up here in which suggests Kyle is busy running assisted trips! If you have an interest in booking a journey with Kyle, visit our site, www.xxlchromechasing.com, for information on the journeys or offer Kyle a call. We do not have any more available days for fall of 2021 but would be happy to get you on some next year!

Thanks for tuning in again today! We value all of your assistance
– Maggie & Kyle

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  1. Those were some great fish caught with a lot of respect. Keep going and keep the videos coming!

  2. Great video again. Really enjoy watching, you an Maggie make us feel like we are right there beside you. You gotta love hearing them fish take line. The look on Maggie’s face when that one gets off is priceless. Great day if fishing an being away from the crowds.

  3. What a great video once again Kyle and Mags! Nothing like bobber fishing those fall kings full of energy! U guys totally rock! Thanks again for the great videos!

  4. Another terrific video guys !!! Like that you’re so respectful of the fish when releasing them, that’s awesome. Some really nice fish and fights there !! 😉 Congrats !!
    I might just have to give that kind of fishing a try 😉 It looks like a blast

  5. Just want to say it’s nice to see a husband and a wife enjoying life together as they should be great video!! Be safe out there!! And have fun!!🙂🧛‍♀️❤❤👍✌👋

    1. You and your family have a great day and a great night and friends too I didn’t forget!! Until next time when your video shows up on my cell phone!! Your friend sincerely🙂🧛‍♀️🎣🐟🐟🐟😂🤩😛 until then keep on cracking up keep your young and live!!👍✌👋

    2. Florida a Florida on the Gulf side it’s a pretty nice place can’t wait to see the next video of you and your wife.😘🧛‍♀️🎄👍✌👋 wishing you both a happy holidays and say happy New Year to!!.

    3. @Budd Erickson I don’t get to go fishing I want fishing videos. Mementos stays in one spot. I’ve seen many people’s videos fishing and I really enjoy them.🙂🧛‍♀️🙂✌👋🎄

  6. Im really thinking about scheduling a trip with you guys in November!! Love your videos

    1. Awesome! We do have a few days left but they are booking up fast 👍

    2. @XXL Chrome Chasing Im in the lower peninsula and it seems like you guys have no weekends available can’t miss work lol

  7. Just that intro, makes me realized how much I love life. More importantly, when two souls come together to be one. You guys are amazing. God bless you both.

    1. Thank you Luis, this is exactly what we are hoping for when making these videos! We’re happy to hear you enjoyed watching 👍

  8. I went salmon fishing for the first time last weekend. It was a great time and nothing like I have ever done before

  9. glad i found this channel, very professional videography and amazing quality!

  10. Not even a minute went by, and I had to like. Amazing, all around! The fish, the fights, the editing, the location, the people….great video!

  11. Great video! New to the channel. I love the way that you catch and release.

  12. that feeling I got when I got my first chinook on a bobber is still the same feeling I get today. it never gets old, and it’s like the first every time everytime I fish…bobber drains are the best!

  13. The excitement you show and the respect you have for those fish just gained you a new subscriber. What an epic video!


  15. I must say,
    You 2 are definitely living the dream life and what a bonus that you 2 are so amazing together. Your channel has great vibes always. Thank you for sharing your memories and adventures with all of us. Stay safe always, Dan

  16. Great video. Love the way you guys work together and are in tune with these great creatures. Respect. Keep on fishing👌

  17. Now this was a real adventure ! The fish were awesome size and a real challenge to land! Great job! Thanks for sharing your expert advice! Tom

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