EPIC Salmon Fishing

Yes, I understand. I spelled "constantly" improperly … smh Jon b. smh.

Rob, Peric and I set out on the on the Skagit River in upper for our first official Coho mission. I can't state I've ever experienced like this. Being that I a mainly a angler this was an eye opening experience for myself and the rest of the thugs. Thanks for viewing and I hope you people taken pleasure in!
— Young Plugg.

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EPIC Fishing

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  1. That was an awesome video man! Glad you guys didn’t give up on the salmon hunt. Those fish were beautiful.

  2. This was unbelievable! I knew Washington was pretty but I had no idea, it has now made it on my bucket list for fishing and visiting, thanks so much for sharing this amazing video! That picture was super epic!

    1. Josh C try Alaska. It’s Washington salmon fishing on steroids. No salmon fights harder than a kenai king

  3. I just sent Peric a screenshot lol I’ve been wanting you guys to come try this for a while now! So glad you guys had an epic day and that I could help!

  4. I hope you appreciate the friendship with ap and lunkers. you all 3 are amazing fish anglers and I love watching the videos!

  5. Literally a few hours ago I caught my first KIng Salmon EVER here in Northern California!! I can totally feel your guys excitement! Thank you so much for your great videos and the motivation. KEEP FISHING..NEVER STOP!!

  6. Jon I’m loving these Washington videos. As much as we all love the bass fishing, it’s good to see a mix up! Keep up the good work! Also you should do a guided trout flyfishing trip that would be awesome!

  7. These videos are inspiring me to travel and try different types of fishing! Thanks for the seriously awesome content!

  8. Thank you for entertaining me I’m currently in the hospital I just had surgery on my stomach. I have watched so many of your videos over the past two days thanks for taking my mind off things.

  9. Hey Jon, AMAZING video that was sooo cool I love watching all your videos your such an inspiration if I could I would literally fish 24/7 no joke. What casting reel would u recommend for bass fishing in general? Please answer!

  10. I got a challenge for you guys. Catch the most bass using any normal bass lures of your choice, but they have to be thrown on a fly rod.

  11. loved this video! cool to see you trying your hand at salmon fishing! makes me miss it soooo much!!! do you have any info on the guide/company you used for this trip?

  12. this was amazing i love every moment of it great footage perfect water great fishing

  13. im so blessed to have this place in my backyard love washington and never leaving

  14. I really hope people realize that you made this ( or the guide anyway) made this look easier than it really is! Salmon can be a very hard fish to catch! You hooked more salmon than I did my first two years fishing for them in this one trip! Something should be said about how good this guide is! He put them on them, and they landed many! If that is not great advertisement, I don’t know what is!

    1. It really depends on the day too. I’ve had days where I’ve had 0 salmon and other days where I’ve had up to 50 salmon. Take note that this is on Lake Ontario, so it might be different in the rivers

    2. @Ethan Doherty Nope! Sounds about the same! I have never landed a salmon in the Skagit (caught a few, never could land them). I have had more luck shore fishing for them, but best luck with a downrigger, a fasher, and either a spoon or squid in trail.

    3. if you are in the right place at the right time you should have fairly good luck; I live in Oregon and fish the Columbia the lower Deschutes and Hood River, all 3 rivers have very good spots for you to catch chinooks; I even caught one this year with a simple spinning lure nothing else!

    4. Yes it is very difficult I can imagine. We went salmon fishing on a charter in Lake Michigan, and caught around 10 in 6 hours. the guide was very good

  15. Best video by far. I would really appreciate more of this stuff: River fishing for trout, salmon…

  16. Awesome day of fishing. Truly blessed to be able to constantly fish this stretch of water. You should come up on a pink year

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