Pole Fishing

Still water professional and fishery offers a teach in on the basics of fishing at Hambletons Fishery on the Fylde Coast where he holds the 5 1/2 record at 138 pounds of Ide. The presentation begins high up in the water for the Ide prior to moving down to the bottom for Barbel.

Pole Fishing

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  1. totally amazing what you can do with a piece of knicker elastic tied to the end of an expensive extendable pole made of carbon fibre to catch totally inedible fish !
    Love to see someone land a fifty inch Pike with that set up !

  2. no matter how you go about it, not much beats fishing. awesome video guy. cheers from ca.

  3. i am perfectly happy with my pole for 7,9 £ and 15″ 🙂 But love the feeling of fishing that way 🙂

  4. match fisherman all have expensive poles, myself wouldn’t spend more than 200 as I only fish in the margins, like his style good watch

  5. 2 Grand!?! I fish with a £10 pole and sit on a binbag…still catch the big numbers 😉 geeetup

  6. Hate all you want, but match fisherman are pretty much at the top of the game. Carp fisherman? Ask a match man what bait their currently biting on. Pike man? Ask him how many swirls his had next to his keepnet ;)…

  7. I fish with the top section of my 15 pound pole that’s all u need not a 18m 2grand pole

  8. I simply enjoy rewinding and watching him slide this 40 foot pole across his lap!

  9. This type of fishing seems only useful in very specific situations, very weedy areas or areas where traditional casting is hindered. Other than that it seems uncomfortable and pointless.

  10. great fishery and this guy is mustard on there. got my first 100lb bag last year off here.

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