How to Make a Cane/Bamboo Fishing Pole EASY DIY

How to make a walking cane or . Making a walking stick is easy, fun to utilize, and you can do it yourself!

How to Make a Cane/ Fishing Pole

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  1. awesome really like this video! patch of bamboo woulda been handy when had to make something up when didn’t have a pole ..thanks for sharing

    1. you know they sell them around here. Why buy one? They are great for bream fishing!

  2. Thanks duke! This is great info to know : ) hope you all have a wonderful Sunday n week ahead

  3. Duke, thanks for introducing us to the wonderful sport of cane poling! I enjoyed this from start to finish! I don’t believe I can find any type of tree or branch up here that grow as straight as yours. But now I’m going to be looking now! This was immensely informative and entertaining! Thanks much my friend!

    1. Hang with me my good friend, the next 2 videos you will have to see! Thanks and see you later this evening!

  4. Good video Duke. Sadly many do not the enjoyment of fishing with a cane pool. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Same way we do it! Except I never used a swivel,might try it. Thumbs up!

  6. This is terrific!! I had just seen a cane pole on Bushcraft Stephi’s little fishing video, and hers looked a little bulky and stiff. That one looks more manageable. I just started fishing again after a ten year hiatus. I tried a foam bobber, and gotta tell you, they’re tops. I fish with kids, so those things are awesome, they don’t crack. Tight lines 🙂

    1. I cut this pole down to 9′ and it has some good balance. It’s a blessing teaching children how to fish!

    2. The lit-up faces when they are reeling on in! Thanks for sharing great stuff!

    3. Its great for children and thanks for the idea of foam bobbers! I have seen a few mashed, thinking back!

  7. I’m getting me a bamboo fishing pole after seeing this! That was Amazing! Thank you!

    1. @WORM GITTER I may not be able to make one, but I sure can buy one. I’m right off the Chesapeake Bay, and there is no loss of any kind of fishing equipment here at all. Wait till my brother sees me with a Bamboo fishing line!!! what a sight that will be for him. He has every piece of fishing  equipment known to man. !! I will be fishing off my pier though, my son sold his boat, but it is a great place to fish. Bless, Sheila  

  8. Just recently subbed to your channel. This video brings back memories of sitting on the bank of a creek or lake when I was a kid over 50 years ago. We used 12′ and 14′ cane poles to go after bluegill, catfish and crappie. Thanks for that memory.

    1. Hi Jeannie! Welcome to the WG channel! I know what your talking about and that is what we love to catch too! Love to bring up good memories, and thank you for commenting!

  9. Im going swimming with my friend tomorrow in the Rapidan River and I wanted to go fishing but my dad won’t let me take my fishing g pole but thank you for this DIY I hope it works well!!!

  10. Hey WORM GITTER, at’s how I learnt to do it here in East Tennessee to. I never did find a real straight cane pole neither. I’d fine a tree with a limb pretty high and throw a cord over it, tie the end to the big end of the pole, hoist it up clear of the ground, and tie a brick to the little end. I’d leave it hanging till the cane turned tan. Trim the tip behind the knot holdin the brick and it’d be pretty straight, and tough too.

  11. I’ve made a few before but never though to split the end like that. I will give that a try.

  12. thank you for the video good sir .. I will be making some of these in the morning with my son

    1. @Joseph Whitehead some people don’t like to use them but its easy to change the hook size

  13. Funny, I just got my bamboo pole this afternoon. I’m making my wife a fish’n pole.
    I didn’t think about making a slip in the top. As a kid we just tied it off on the tip.
    Thanks for the tip.

  14. I bought a cane pole a few months ago and i enjoyed it a lot (it was great when I was having no luck fly fishing), but it just finally broke.

    But instead of buying one (unless it’s a Japanese tenkara pole) I think I will pretty much just make my own now!

    There is a ton of Giant Reed plants along the arroyos by where I live and they are probably good for a fishing pole! (Also they an invasive plant species here in New Mexico so it’s pretty good to chop them down)

    I love Cane Pole fishing, it’s simple and is about actually fishing rather than gear!

  15. Aloha from Hawaii! We are going to make these with my 5 year old daughter and her friend. This is the perfect simple pole we were hoping to start them with. Thank you!

  16. Awsome video buddy! Thanks for the help I haven’t made one since I was a kid! I just subscribed!

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