Des Shipp – How to Tie a Double Sleeve – POLE FISHING

Innovations star Des reveals you whatever you need to learn about business pole elastics!

He runs through his 5 preferred elastics for business , and reveals you how to elasticate a Roller Pulla Package. And, 'How To' fit a Double Sleeve which secures your hollow elastic.

If you're puzzled about pole elastics and do not really understand how to set them up, or what elastics to utilize then you'll find this video really useful.


– How To Fit the Double Sleeve: 0:25
– How To Elasticate a Roller Pulla Package: 6:53
– Des' Elastic : 12:21
– Des' Top FIVE Elastics for commercials: 14:13

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Des – How to Tie a Double Sleeve – POLE FISHING

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  1. Great video great advise always wanted to know how des does his elastic when are the absolute match fishing coming back ? I enjoyed watching the video on willow at boldings as that is my favourite lake there but keep up the good videos

  2. Could u mabie do videos of your anglers in open matches all across the country I always enjoy those types of videos

  3. hi dess did u use 11 hollow on the match at hillveiw on canal pool 4 I was the kid on canal 3

    1. Des always uses 11hollo for F1’s at this time of the year. Cracking F1 and small carp elastic.

  4. What’s the point of pole fishing why not just use a rod and reel. Anyone please respond.

    1. Sapulots Daefu what’s he point I’d a rod and reel when you can use the pole?

  5. Great video 👍
    Is it ok to use solid elastic and then cover it with a bit of hollow ?
    would it still have the same effect when fitting the Dacron connector

  6. Des, you are the Man! You really make things look so easy for us mear mortals to follow. Thanks, mate. I hope my Preston Edge Monster is as easy to elasticate, etc. when I get it 🙂

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