Andy Findlay’s Complete Guide To Pole Fishing – Part 1: Fishing To Islands


The Fin is a legend on the commercial fishery match scene where hes won numerous
matches with substantial bags of in excess of 150lb. In his most current essential DVD, takes the
electronic cameras to Shearsby Valley Lakes in South Leicestershire, a common modern-day commercial fishery.

If theres one kind of location thats custom-made for anglers, its the contemporary business fishery.
With their islands or far bank functions within reach of the , you can quickly provide your hook
bait tight to island cover or on top of the far bank marginal shelf where you can generally discover a huge
concentration of carp. In this 80 minute DVD Andy reveals you his 3 preferred pole techniques for
this type of venue – fishing corn over micro pellet, the Technique Feeder (yes, on the pole) and lastly
hell reveal his bread fishing secrets which he utilized to break the Shearsby Valley Lakes match
record with 229lb. Action loaded and loaded with hints, suggestions and top guidance.

Andy 's Complete Guide To Pole Fishing – Part 1: Fishing To Islands

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  1. I caught my pb carp today on a rolf lake match.13.4lb on the pole and 14 elastic.had 2 other doubles to.nice vid

  2. Can someone tell me how to hook up a feeder fishing rod? I have been fishing in lakes and river’s seven times now and still haven’t caught a fish!! It’s getting dis-heartening and embarressing also. My reel and rod are good quality it’s just i was never into fishing until my wife bought it for me. I am trying a couple more times and if i don’t catch nothing i’m gonna give the rod and reel away. I usually put a weight on first (top) and then a hook a few inches lower is that right? Please help!!

  3. ianasone put groundbait in it and make sure you used a hair rig woth meat corn or somthing else and pit the weight on a running rig so the carp can run freely then you also wanna make the hair rig same and maybe burie the hook bait in it so they pick it up in the feeder

  4. i used to fish this place when there was just 1 pool. floating dog biscuits works great in the summer.

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