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  1. I love pole fishing, I got mine when I was 10 and I’m still having very much fun with that pole 5 years later! In my opinion, if you are unsure about getting one, you should, they are great!

  2. I bought An assassin pole years ago. I am off to try it today. and I hope this video has inspired me to give it a proper go. It always looked good but I just feel so uncomfortable when shipping in and out.
    Hope I get the hang of it soon tho lol.

  3. when you say you can catch big carp with poles you are right my gandad caught an 18lb mirror with a pole I know that im only 13 but i am experienced with poles and have caught many fish with them I do use rod but not much because i am terrible with them i’ve 6lb tench on pole and we all know how well tench fight but I shall stay using a pole for a very long time great vid though thanks for some extra tips 🙂

  4. You would think more people fished like this in the uk. Very impressive video too.

  5. I recently bought a new White Knuckle 9.5m pole, and it’s amazing. Well worth the money 🙂

  6. Thanks for taking the time to create these video sets. I have spent so many years targeting large carp that I’ve forgotten how to go light and subtle! Like so many, I have dismissed the pole for years as a ‘cheat’ way of fishing requiring little skill. However, I have started to see the benefits of late and your videos have helped me to conclude that there is a place in my tackle for a pole! My first one is now a margin pole which was purchased after long consideration. Keep up the good work!

  7. Great – I’ve always though pole fishing was a bit, well, wrong, but I chatted to a poler the other day when I was fishing and he caught 10x the fish I did on the next swim. This video had finally convinced me. I need one!

  8. I got a decent carbon fibre pole for £46 it’s 7m and comes with 4 top kits not bad

  9. My granddad gifted me his pole that he purchased many years ago for just under £1000. Used it once and caught loads more fish than usual! even a 2lb perch!

  10. Thanks I’m defiantly getting a pole now a really handy and useful video. Jake .

  11. two other disadvantages he did not mention….the amount of equipment that has to be “deployed”, also the need of enough space behind you when fishing with this method. love the video though, very informative and nice presentation….

  12. The pole is able to do things you simple cannot do with a rod and line. For fishing up in the water for ide, rudd roach and carp it is unbeatable. The pole is simply far more precise and offers a degree of control you cannot get with a rod and line.You can push your baits into spots inaccesable to a rod. You can land big fish very easilly and I’ve had loads of big carp to jsut short of 30lb. Its all abaout balanced tackle. You do need a decent seatbox to get the right posture or it can be uncomfortable and heavy work on your back. You do need a fair bit of room to ship back and you need a coupl eof good rollers. Get flatbed rollers like the Mavers not the v rollers. Flatbed rollers are far more stable. The main issue is the cost. A top end pole wil have a 2-3 grand price tag. Plenty available second hand. Just buy a decent well knwon name so you can get spares easilly. To start off you don’t need anything fancy but you need to spend a bit to fish 13 or longer. Shorter margin poles are very storng and designs for big fish that tend to feed in the margins on peoples discarded bait and get big. These poles are stong but not as light as a regular pole but are a good way to start.

  13. My whole family fishes and I learned how to fish from my mom. I stopped fishing for some reason 10 years ago when I was like 13, but recently I picked up my fishing pole and I can’t believe why I stopped fishing.
    Now my mom and I go fishing every weekend and it’s a lot of fun! I recommend to learn a family member or your child to fish, they’ll thank you for it later in life 😛

  14. This video made me want to start pole fishing I’ve been at it awhile now started off with a very cheap 8 meter pole I now have a 13meter diawa pole and love pole fishing don’t think ill go back to rod and reel again thanks for sharing this video

  15. There are many disciplines to fishing. And this is one of them. To fish with a pole has advantages. And just like any sport if you like it you will invest time & money to enjoy. This video is great if it gets people out there fishing for the first time or even after a lay off period. It may even get youngsters off the street or their X boxes etc. Perhaps even joining a fishing club. So yes a thumbs up from me. And thanks for taking the time & trouble to make & post this video.

  16. very good video mate i’m now going to invest in a pole i’m really into float fishing with rod and reel but these have loads of advantages that really caught my eye so thanks mate hopefully the pole goes well

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