Whopper Plopper Sick Eat!

Crazy went after the back and ate it next to the after swimming best beneath me!

Full video from this trip here:
This clip is from an older video but I figured the consume deserved a #short


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  1. Pike are such an underrated species to fish for. Always fun as hell to grab on topwaters

    1. @Drky right. I get more excited having a bass on my line than a pike. Living in Canada its super common having it be a pike on your line than anything else. Sure the fight is fun but it gets boring after a while having it be the same species over and over again

    2. @Brandon Nykyforak True. Also, they tend to break your lures. Those teeth are no joke, lol.

    3. @Drky Absolutely, all about the perch. Damn pike’s is why I run a steel lead.

    4. @Toby I had that happen as a kid in Roscommon pier fishing, it jumped out of the water as I was reeling in a bluegill about 2 ft out of the water on the pier.

  2. I’m hoping these short clips help your channel really take off!! You deserve it! Amazing content.

    1. @Zombie Vision nah don’t do that. That feels wrong promoting yourself on another channel unasked for. That’s like seeing someone catch fish and casting into them

  3. Always makes me jump when the fish come out of nowhere as you’re pulling the lure out of the water

    1. I live for stuff like that, I cant think of anything else that lights up my adrenaline like that, love it.

    2. Muskie fishing is intense, close quarters omg it never gets old doing figure 8s and bam! Up to your boat you see a pike or Muskie

  4. I wouldn’t even have the fortitude to get the life back in the water after seeing that id be staring in awe for like 40 seconds

  5. 2 seconds before you said ” that was sick ” , I said ” that was sick!” 😀
    Cool footage man.. 👍

  6. Insane how he chased that lure down. I thought for sure he was gonna air Jordan jump with his tongue out of the water to get the lure when you brought it in the first time lol . Always love the content sir.

  7. Well…would you look at that! Finally a short that is actually entertaining and time worthwhile. Nicely done dude! Great catch!👍👍👍

  8. Always a goal and dream to have a catch like that close to the boat.

  9. Thanks to you and your channel I started using the whopper plopper! I’m not nearly as good with it. But sure it’s fun!

  10. Caught my first Northern this year and I was not disappointed, wasn’t too water but I was reeling it in and it hit the line 2 feet from the boat! Love the content.

  11. That was pretty epic to watch. That fish stopped on a dime when it followed your bait to the kayak. Very cool video.

  12. That always gets the adrenaline going when you can see the pike chasing your lure or spoon and it is not easy to keep it going while not spooking the pike at the same time. Top video pal really well done.

  13. Nice fish man. I love those kind of catches. Follows the bait right to the boat. I had a 6lb striper one time do that in winter, I was able to catch him by hand. Have no idea how I did it, he paused for a few seconds and I just reached slowly in and grabbed him. It was pretty unbelievable.

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