Catching A 100 Pound Nile Perch In Dangerous Waters | PERCH | River Monsters

Jeremy faces the full blast of the whilst searching for his River Monster: the .

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River Monsters is a British and American wildlife documentary tv program produced for Animal Planet by Icon Movies of Bristol, UK. It is hosted by extreme and biologist Jeremy Wade.

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Catching A 100 Pound Nile In Dangerous Waters | | River Monsters

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  1. Hi! Jeremy, Could you post a video on the specifications of your gear please. What size and kind hooks do you normally use? What line do you use and most importantly what bait do you use for catching fresh water monsters?

    I fish in the river Ganges which has many monsters that I am yet to catch, will do a lot better with your help.

    1. It’s different for every situation… Depends on the technique, the fish you are after and the environment you are fishing in.

  2. 2:14-2:20 be like…
    Girl: Come over, I’m home alone
    Jeremy: I can’t i’m walking my fish

    1. ha ha haaaa jeremy in your dreams why dont you think about his fish rod & hook😀😀😀

  3. Tell me why bass anglers be grunting on a 7 lb bass, but Jeremeys out here straight facing a 100lb fish

    1. @Hg Hg people really appreciate large mouth bass’s weight if it’s a good weight. There are tournaments for these fish because they are pretty easy to catch and common. So something like a 10 pound bass is like a 400 and above pound grouper.

    2. @Stacey Bailey sucky wuky. I just use mortar shells to fish. This was 2 years ago

  4. I love how he says it’s his most dangerous place that he’s fished, but he says that in almost every episode

  5. Damn! It’s like a freshwater grouper! Nice fish! Also large mouthish bass!

  6. It would’ve been amazing if the cameraman panned over to capture Jeremy’s guide casually taking a bath in that water.

  7. Jeremy Wade seems like a really great guy and i have always enjoyed watching his show. For an avid fisherman he is definitely Living the Dream!

  8. Love that he was so concerned that the fish returns with strength to swim away.

    1. Why is there some lines on the mouth of the fish when it was released ….

    2. What are y’all going on about, I pity the local fisherman who had to watch a perfectly good catch being let go. Must have been thinking, too bad I already accepted money to help him.

    3. That’s how every fisherman is with fish they catch. The safety of the fish is always paramount no matter the size

  9. O “monstros do Rio ” e meu programa de TV favorito sou muito fã

    1. @violinmaestro knight this man believes in something that he has never seen that’s crazy

    2. @Patriot’s Constitutional Party adults can’t enjoy root beer floats at sonic during happy hour? lol

  10. This fish reminds me of a giant small mouth or large mouth bass, similar features and colours and even similar type of predators!

  11. I would never turn my back on a crocodile infested river. Pushing your luck there Jeremy 🙏❤️✝️

  12. Jeremy Wade will be shown to my kids when I’m older lol. A true legend

  13. “quite possibly the most dangerous spot I have ever fished” he says

    “Crocs use the foam for cover and can be hard to spot at the best of times” he says

    “Gotta be on my guard” he says

    Nek minute he is in waist deep water with his back to the most dangerous section of this river :’)

  14. Jeremy catching a 100 pound fish: (casually) “ooh fish on” damn he’s a legend

  15. I think it would be cool for Jeremy to do an in depth video on the equipment he uses and tips for amateur fishermen on what gear is best for what situation etc

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