Catch n Cook – Kayak Perch Fishing – – GoPro Giveaway !!

On this adventure I go Bass at Lake Baroon in Maleny on my and manage to catch a Spangled Perch which I later on show you how to cook & eat.

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OK – the time has actually come – Here we go with the Prize Winner for the Miller Wilson Go Pro Competitors – the lucky individual is … … Yard Hunters from Rhode Island, U.S.A. …… Hooray !! – I have actually left a reply on your original message and if you can call me asap – I will post out your reward immediately – How Cool – thank you so much to everybody who went into – there are certainly plenty more competitors coming so remain subscribed and keep watching my videos to be the first to hear on the next fantastic competition – you are all incredible and how cool to discover where you all live all around the world – CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN TO OUR WINNER!!

– Kayak Perch – – GoPro Giveaway !!

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  1. I live in nsw Australia near Sydney and the fishing here is AMAZING!!

  2. I live in Tasmania Australia!!
    Love your catch and cooks man keep them coming 馃憤馃従馃憤馃従馃憤馃従

  3. Hey Miller, I live in Toronto, Canada 馃嚚馃嚘 and I love 鉂わ笍 fishing!

    1. Julien Briollais i live in cannadadaa and their is like no where to fish in toronto

    2. Some people fish salmon down at Humber river during the fall before winter (west of Toronto).
      Nonetheless, for me, I’d go fishing at Lake of the Woods in Ontario instead of Lake Ontario. They have a cool fish called northern pike (24-30inch) that I’d like to get on film.

  4. I really enjoy your vids. How about a catch and cook on a Baramundi or a Stingray? Would love to see that action 馃檪

  5. I live in California I started watching your videos about 2 months ago and then fell in love I watch them over and over and never get tired of them hopefully one day you can catch nice sized mud crabs and catch n cook them

  6. Hey Miller! I am from California and I love to watch your videos, particularly the Catch n Cook ones!

  7. I live in a small military bace in Ontario Canada. You’re videos have inspired me to do more fishing.

  8. Ugh I had to watch this video like 3 more times because I love it! Reminds me of when me and my family go fishing for rainbow trout in our kayaks in Canadas British Columbian lakes! Summer is coming closer and I can’t wait to get out there again! I love catch and cooks involving eels. They are so in intriguing because we dont have anything like that up here and I’d love to see more! Cheers! 馃槉

  9. i live in Sweden, I’ve been following you i while now, huge fan. you teach while having fun and thats what life is about:) something small like a GoPro would sure make my days fishing with my kid a lot better and try having as fun as you 馃檪 take care.

  10. I live Australia NSW
    P.S I personally absolutely love your videos can you do more catch n cook videos and can you do some more how to make things to use to fish such as bow and arrow

    Keep going with your videos doing well road to 1million Subscribers 馃槃馃槃

  11. I live in Australia NSW and I love to go fishing, I have always wanted to start catch and cook videos because they look so cool but I never had the camera to do it so I really hope I win and keep up the good work!

  12. Hi Miller! I discovered your channel this morning! It is very very nice!! Much love from Surrey, BC, Canada 鉂わ笍

  13. Hey, great videos! I wish I could go out and catch some fish like you! I live in Australia, NSW, Sydney 馃檪

  14. OK – the time has come – Here we go with the Prize Winner for the Miller Wilson Go Pro Competition – the lucky person is …….. Backyard Hunters from Rhode Island, USA ………..Hooray!! – I have left a reply on your original message and if you can contact me asap – I will post out your GOPRO prize immediately – How Cool – thank you so much to everyone who entered – there are definitely plenty more competitions coming so stay subscribed and keep watching my videos to be the first to hear on the next great competition – you are all amazing and how cool to learn where you all live all around the world – CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO OUR WINNER!!

    1. 飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧 飧 says:

      Pls catch a zander they taste SOOOOOOOOOOOOO gooooood i mean it taste to good

  15. I live in NSW Australia I love your videos they make me go fishing I would like a GoPro but if someone else needs it give it to them Love your videos keep it up 鉁岎煆

  16. Hi miller love your videos I’ve been watching since I was quite young! I’ve learned so much from you!! Thankyou

  17. Hey Miller! I love your catch and cooks. I live in Delaware where the fishing isn’t too great but I go to Boston every summer and we fish for striped bass, bluefish and cod. You have been an inspiration to me since I am about the same age. I want to catch bigger fish too!

  18. @miller Wilson you helped me to re-start my fishing carrier and i fish and camp at the Fraser river love the videos to.

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