Why I don’t deep sea fish from a kayak anymore

Have you ever pointed at the screen and said this when watching Shark Week on the Discovery channel?

This very thing happened to me one time, although not in this specific video.

This is a really cool close call vid from specialist kayak fisherman Mark McCracken.

His channel is entertaining escape, and I suggest inspecting it out, preference and subscribing!

Here is the original link …

Why I don't deep sea fish from a kayak anymore

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  1. I bet the shark uploaded a video too: “Why I don’t attack kayaks anymore”

    1. Shark tube is getting a lot of online traffic with shark rights activist sharks campaigning against senseless paddle violence. Shark “I was just swimming by minding my own business looking to take a SMALL bite out of the human and WHACK! I get hit!” What gives?!

    1. This guy is who you want with you playing “whack a mole” or whack a Hammerhead!!

  2. The irony. It’s a hammerhead. And then there’s this guy. Hammering him, on the head.

    1. At least now we know why this species of sharks has flat heads!!! Poor things! 🦈

  3. One the most frightening things I’ve ever seen. Kayaker’s cool level: 12 out of 10.

    1. But it’s a hammerhead, one of the least actually dangerous sharks in the world

    2. yeah and it’s not even big enough to really do anything to him if he fell in its just after his fish

  4. The adrenaline breathing made this into a great example of “Don’t Panic”
    Well done sir

    1. @brownjatt21 I was 5’4 and 120lbs. He’s 5’10 300(ish)lbs. I spent most of the time circling him.

      With your dad I’m glad it doesn’t get violent. But it must be difficult having the cops called on your repeatedly.

    2. @brownjatt21 oh I defended myself and swung back when I had to that night. He had don’t prison time and he’d use that to scare us into submission. I realized he’s all about fear and control. And I didn’t wanna be controlled. I also moved out on my own that night.

      I commend you for being so understanding with your dad. It takes real love to stick by someone when they’re like that. You’re more loyal than most.

    3. Yes, panic would’ve likely had him leaning hard to strike, and he’d have been lunch instead of catching lunch.

  5. Kudos to this gentleman for keeping his cool throughout the whole affair!

    1. Maybe he should have nicely explained that he was a hooman….. sharks are very understanding

  6. See, when all is said and done: the old “hit it with a stick” maneuver is really the best idea humanity ever had 😂

    1. My sister and I were on a group moonlight canoe trip once. Ran up on what we thought was an alligator. Took turns beating it with our paddles while trying to shove off.

      It was the bank.

    2. They say humanity started when we discovered how to make fire, but we all know humanity truly evolved the day we started bashing sticks on other things.

  7. I never understood why anyone did this from a kayak; your literally fishing for a bigger fish once you snag something.

    1. Guys in Canada went sturgeon fishing from a pink inflatable flamingo last year, it’s here on YouTube somewhere, the fish towed them around the lake for a good while. Pretty wild video.

  8. If that paddle was a harpoon this video would be called “how I downsized my deep sea fishing operation while maintaining 100% efficiency”

  9. I’m amazed at how many people put themselves in situations like these

  10. That was def more of a young curious hammerhead than a threatening one. They rarely if ever attack, far more inquisitive than bullies. I understand why you would be scared, this one was very interested in ya, ya could see it angling it’s head so it could actually get a view of ya. Nature is wild

    1. Agreed, thought the same thing after noticing it was a hammer head, also watch how it just swims close not “at him” in a predatory way, purely just curious. Ppl swim with these guys, he’d prob have been fine to ignore them and paddle on. Albeit I’d prob be scared and smacking em too lol

  11. As someone from a town based off commercial fishing and a commercial fisherman myself , I’ve always thought that taking a kayak into open ocean is asking for trouble even if you took sharks out of the equation.

    1. Agree 100%. Kayaking in sea waters even with no dangerous predators is something not to do lightly. Fishing from one is flat-out reckless imo. Even in Northern European waters where your boat/person won’t be attacked by anything you don’t want to hook something like a stingray or porbeagle.

  12. It’s weird. Growing up I was always fascinated with sharks and most literature said hammerheads were a very aggressive species. But I just read the Wikipedia page and it practically says the opposite. Maybe I’m remembering wrong? Also this guy in the kayak is a straight up warrior. I’d have him fighting by my side any day.

  13. This is a primarly example of “keep your head on a swivel”!!! Damn that was scary. Hammerheads are nasty SOBs when they wanna be. My heart is pounding. Glad Mark made it through that altercation!!! That was a seriously dicey situation. Wow.

  14. There should be a warning label on kayaks that says something like…”This vessel, as seen from a submerged and underneath point of view, apparently looks just like food to giant predatory sea creatures, including but not limited to really big sharks. Such creatures are big enough, and very willing to eat this boat with you in it.”

    1. true, but Darwinism… you know. or maybe user should do a bit of research before heading to sea?

  15. Just imagine how differently this goes if he doesn’t have those few inches between him and the water.

  16. I don’t know what I would have done in that situation, but since it’s a hammerhead shark, I think he was just curious. I don’t think he was there to harm you.

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