FAIL!!! fail is a video I made while ice . We went ice fishing to try and capture , pike or sunfish and it wasn't a great day. He caught a couple of fish and I didn't catch anything. Certainly an for me specifically since this is when I initially started my Michigan fishing channel.

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  1. Sup, I’ve been following your insta since you only had about 900! I’m gonna love seeing your channel grow in the near future!

    1. StevenLeeOutdoors I don’t know if you saw or not but I released a good Oakley video and a new Ice Fishing video. Check them out if you haven’t already. Thanks man

    2. Steven Lee Steven it’s definitely still growing now! Videos are 10x better than this crap haha

  2. I can relate to it. Happens to me too. Sometimes you can still grab a video out of all the mishaps, like you did!
    Sometimes it all goes in the trash! Once in a while it works out better than you planned! Good Job Dude!

  3. what kind of hand auger are you guys using??? mine goes all over the place when I attempt to drill through ice

  4. To other day my brother and i went to Lake Dewese in colorado and at the start of the day the ice was about 9inches id say, at the end of the day it was 5 inches and eveyrtime we’d step we would sink in about a inch and a half of slush…..Not to mention it was my first time ice fishing!

    1. Scary your first time. My first time freaked me out. At the end of the day their was some laying water on the ice and i could have sworn it was open water and started to panic a bit. My buddy said dude calm down we been drilling 14,,16 inches of ice. And i was like ya!! I know but it still freaked me out. What was really bad was It sounded like a train coming across the ice. And we could here people way off in the distance in the shanty’s yelling what the f#ck was that. And then on down the line until it got to us. The ice heaved like a foot up and i swore we where all gunna die. And then realized thats what everyone was yelling about. 🤣

    1. 17fresh Yeah man this was my 5th video ever and you know what I meant. Videos from 2018 and 2019 are much better quality

    2. I’m driving on 22 inches here in Mn. Getting to be the end of the season so get out and enjoy it.

  5. Ice fishing is cold, potentially dangerous and sometimes boring! Yet I love it so much! Keep your pole on the ice and good luck fishing!

    1. TheMonkdad Yeah haha still an awful video lol. This was my 5th video ever and I have much better videos on my channel

  6. So how is that video a failure ? Looks like a good day catch before work to me ! What was your expecting to catch to classified as a good day on lake ice ? A marlin , a Tuna , a Wahoo ? 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    1. Joeblow Johnny Haha I see your point. This was my 5th video ever and I didn’t understand YouTube, the algorithm or anything

    2. @Arcasting make more videos ! More VIDEOS , more views , more cha.. ching ! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    3. Joeblow Johnny I hope you enjoy the smallmouth playlist I have and the bank fishing quarantine playlist

  7. I live in central Alberta Canada, And I could tell you, fish move to other areas in the winter, than in the summer months.

  8. Worst video I’ve ever made and that makes sense considering this was only the 5th video I ever made! Over 3 years ago! If you’re reading this and you have an open mind and you love hunting, fishing and the outdoors consider checking out my other videos and playlists! Over 500 videos to watch with a lot of big largemouth and smallmouth all over the state of Michigan!

    1. @Texas Hockey Which is cool but also unfortunate at the same time haha why can’t it be a fishing video

  9. Bro who would’ve thought you would reach almost 9-10 million views on this video 😂

    1. @truthful Conch777 Sucks though cause this was my 5th video ever and all of my content from 2018-2020 is high quality fishing trips, traveling and some fishing tackle videos. Hope it catches on lol

    2. @Arcasting I’ll check them out. Fails are good to watch, but actually catching and reviewing are just as good.

      I remember watching Babe Winkleman on Sunday mornings when I wasnt out fishing myself.

    3. @truthful Conch777 Then you’ll definitely love the channel. Let me know man. 2020 St Clair and bank fishing videos are the best. I fish all over the state of Michigan

    4. @Arcasting sounds good. I grew up in Minnesota. Now living in Alaska. I love Midwest fishing.

    1. Check out the video called “Megabass Vibration X Ultra” and “Ned Rig Fishing Northern Michigan” and “Mid Michigan River Fishing Big Smallmouth Bass”

  10. It always amazes me that these rookie ice fishermen don’t know how to stud their boots. 1/4 inch hex head sheet metal screws installed on soles with drill and a nut driver this keeps you on your feet.

    1. It amazes me that you comment on my 5th video I’ve ever made and pass judgment! HAHAHA! I’ve been all over the state of Michigan for fishing trips and I’ve fished some of the most world class lakes out there. Check out the hundreds of 3-5 pound largemouth and smallmouth then comment.

  11. Me my dad and my brother went ice fishing and my brother fell in the hole. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. 00:56 The ice isn’t deep at all, it’s right at the surface really. For a second I thought you were wondering how ‘thick’ the ice was.

    1. That’s cool lol. In the middle of the lake 4 years ago it was 6-7 inches thick. Anyways next topic….

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