Alone In My Off Grid Paradise | Ice Fishing | Off Grid Homesteading

Invite to my off grid in the western mountains. Winter season is my favorite season! I like taking ice baths and Ice ❤.

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  1. Imagine being lost in the wilderness and coming across her ice fishing😇

    1. @Dan Downing Of course not. This is the ho generation.

      “God money, I’ll do anything for you.” — Nine Inch Nails

    2. I’d be praying she wasn’t armed at that point. For the you know what comes next.

  2. She threw the bait out there and hooked over 8 thousand of us! She’s a good fisherman in my book! If we were fish we all would be in her freezer right now!

  3. This has to be one of the best (obviously purposed) thumbnail pics (that wasn’t clickbait) ever used on Youtube. She knew exactly what she was doing…..Fishing. And she caught all of us. Well played ma’am well played!+

    1. I’m only here cause I was wondering why tf she was fishing on the ice with no freakin pants

    2. @Urn Turn maybe that’s part of it but I was like she must be cold

    3. @Jackson Kelley well she got your view whether you watched it or not just by you commenting 😆

    4. @NovejSpeed3 That wasn’t clickbait? Come on now. Your comment is 5 months old and the first reply is 1 month old? Over 500 likes. Some comment manipulation too. tsk tsk. How soon will mine be deleted?

  4. “I came here to see her fishing without her pants”
    – Sun Tzu Art of War

  5. 7:15 Two thumbs up for the thumbnail actually being in the vid and not just click bait !

  6. It does get hot ice fishing sometimes you have to take the top off too. I strongly suggest you try that next time.

    1. Then you’re not interested in her jigging technique as much as her jiggling technique.

  7. “I decided to just grill up one I had in the freezer, because I really wanted some fresh fish”.
    Makes as much sense as ice fishing without pants.

  8. I absolutely wish I could go live like this. I’m a little envious of you. Amazing life

  9. Now this is the type of outdoor videos I can subscribe to. Winter cakes 😛

  10. The only question I have is how does the lake manage to stay frozen with you sitting on it like that?

  11. Imagine trekking through the remote forest wilderness, and coming out onto this frozen lake, and you notice someone out on the ice fishing and when you focus on what you’re looking at, THAT is what you see??? Lol!

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