$10 VS $1,000 ICE FISHING! *Budget Challenge*




We had various quantities for this budget plan challenge to go ice ! The objective was to capture a fish with whatever ice supplies you might manage to get. We got to see the difference in between a $10 ice fishing established and a $1,000 ice fishing set up!

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$10 VS $1,000 ICE FISHING! **

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    1. There ament to scoop out the Ice ain’t they I just fish for carps In England and other things

  1. As a fisherman this makes me laugh so hard since they don’t have any idea what there doing lol😂😂

    EDIT: holy crap I did not expect all these likes

  2. i feel like i need to fly over there and teach them how to fish and help justin catch his first fish lmao

    1. I’ve never fished in ice before, but as a true blue Australian I think I know your pain friend.

    2. Then seeing no fish here… what a sad story. But I have the pics to prove my skil

    3. I am nine and I have caught 20 fish already Justin I’m 23 and I have caught zero fish

  3. Omg seeing first time ice fisher man or first time fishing ever makes me laugh so hard 😂

  4. I am a fisherman and I knew everything the bass pro employees were saying and Justin was holding the fishing rod upside down LOL!

  5. It was so funny how they could not fish. 🤣🤣I’m a fisherman so this made me mad😂 it was also so weird that they knew nothing at all😂😂

  6. When you get the hole all dug out you have to get a scooper to scoop out the ice so you can see fish

  7. This video should be called “$10 VS $1000 Ice sitting” cause fishing means catching fish

  8. Hyper Fenton ( $15 ) – Noodles + worms
    Andrew ( $10 ) – String ( random wood/branches/twigs from the lake )
    Justin ( $1000 ) – Single person fishing tent + 2 rods + Preservative + WRONG FISHING POLE HANDLING SESSION

  9. As a fisherman I knew for a fact you weren’t gonna catch anything unless you asked someone for advice on the ice

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