Tying the Improved Clinch Knot Correctly – Fly Fishing and Dreams

Easy to follow guidelines for connecting the 'Improved ' properly. Total with pointers, tricks and key points to guarantee a much better fly experience. Have fun fly

Tying the Improved Correctly – and Dreams

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  1. I put on some 4lb tapered leader (Profil) this weekend as opposed to my usual 5lb breaking strain and 3 fish all took the fly with them upon trying to set it. Never happened before when using 5lb breaking strain. Coincidence? Or more turns needed. I debarbed all the flies so hopefully they’ll shed them soon or someone will land them and remove the hooks…

    1. As the line size goes down the number of turns required goes up. he time Most of time that we see knots fail it is because the tag end was pulled. Hope it goes better for you.

    2. I’ve caught hundreds of trout using this knot. With 4lb test I use a minimum of 6 turns.

  2. Thank you for showing with a larger line and hook first, much easier to understand than just reading a description.

  3. My first knot too. Still the best all around. I do use the simple Snell on my hooks though.

  4. GREAT VIDEO! Visually and short and too the point. Other guys want to talk and talk to hear themselves talk for simple video. Thanks for not being long winded and using a good contrasting background to show the viewers better.
    Question: im going to try this knot on my bass lures. How many wraps do u recommend for 6 pound to 10 pound fluoro?

    1. I use the alberto know for all of my lined tying, including tying the line together. In a hurry I use a uni
      I have “never lost a fish because of knot at lure or line and I have been doing it for 80 years

  5. The diagram I learned ths from gave the impression I had to pull both the tag end and the main line. Still worked but half the time it never looked quite right and I had to do it again, I also had to hold the swivel in my mouth to pull on both ends with both hands. This looks much easier thanks.

  6. Thank u I use this knot .but I sometimes mess it up.but your tips help me know the small details.

  7. Typically I pass through the hook twice and wrap between 3-5 times before going through the loops. I’ve bent hooks and snap line before the knot gives. Sometimes I don’t like that tho. Think the knot should give before losing main line.

  8. I have used this knot my whole life, although I use other knots now palmer, blood, bimini twist, etc. To attach lines to lines or wire etc… I always use this to attach lures or flies unless I’m in a hurry then I do a truckers knot fly fishing. The problem is this knot was developed for use with classic lines and some of the new monos have developed into nanotechnology and don’t stretch i have broken a few rods because of this, with this knot you need a little stretch in the line.

  9. In the UK this is called a blood knot and is the standard knot I use for all hook attachedments I’ve made since the late 1960s. I though pass the free end through the back of the loop formed adjacent to the hook eye, otherwise the fifth turn is undone back to four turns. Could it be the subtle difference of which way the free end goes through that loop, makes the difference between whether the knot results in a clinch or a blood?

  10. That’s a good knot video.  Good lighting.  Good voiceover.  Good pace.  Good handwork.

  11. Thank you man my dad taught me the clinch not and I would do it twice but get snagged and lose my lure real easy I started doing it 3 times but was still weak I like this much more thank you so much

  12. Terrific video. Thanks so much for sharing. The secret to not pull the short end is key to successfully tying this type of knot. Tight lines everyone!

  13. You are right on about not pulling on the tag end. Only pulling on the main line after wetting the knot is the key. I just finished testing a properly tied improved clinch against the orvis knot that is supposedly stronger, but the improved clinch held up better. I have been pulling on the tag end for years and just recently did some experimenting and discovered what you are showing! I believe others out there are tying this wrong as well.

  14. People: “NEVER PULL THE SMALL END” is KEY! I’ve lost some good catches until I figured out just how important this part is to not losing the fish you had on but then your knot opened on you and you didn’t land it 😫

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