Necessary Fly Fishing Accessories | Getting Started In Fly Fishing – Episode 11

In this episode of Getting going in Fishing, Brian Flechsig breaks down the most essential devices to have that will get you begun on the right track. Let us understand what you believe!

Accessories In This Video:

Eco Budget Fishing Nippers:
Our Favorite Premium Nippers:

6" Eco Spending Plan Fly Fishing Hemostats:
Dr. Slick Creek Clamps:

Fly Floatant:
Gink Fly Floatant:
Fly Agra Fly Floatant:

Split Shot:
Spending Plan Eggo Split Shot Dispenser:
Super Doux Lead Split Shot Packs:

Srike Indicators:
Lightning Strike Indicators:
1" Air-Lock Strike Indicators:
Crazy Biostrike putty Indicator:
Crazy Suggestion Topper Yarn Indicators:
Drift Master Strike Indicators:

Polarized Eye Wear:
Budget Plan Polarized Eye Use:
Smith Optics High-end Eye Wear:

Fly Fishing Equipment:
Simms Pro Vest:
Budget Redington Vest:
Fishpond Sling Pack:
Simms G4 Pro Waders:
Budget Redington Waders:

Thanks for enjoying!


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Welcome to Mad River Outfitters, hosted by expert fly fishing guide, Brian Flechsig and his group of fly fishing guides at Mad River Outfitters. On this channel you will find sincere fly fishing education, fly fishing tutorials and item evaluations. We're passionate about fly fishing and that's what we hope to share here. More information about who we are can be found on our website () and likewise on our Instagram (@madriveroutfitters).

Fly Fishing Clip at 3:31 -.

Necessary Fly Fishing Accessories | In Fly Fishing – Episode 11

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  1. I love this series… If you want to be nice to the fish, just stay home! Brilliant…

    1. @Charlie Niven watch it when he says something about the fishes mouth

    2. @FishingwithAodhan Callaghan I don’t think he’s going to say anything because it was two months ago that I made that comment and he didn’t reply

  2. Flattened barbs make it easier to unhook a fish or a finger. Especially when fishing with a 9 year old.

    1. @Joseph Biancalana unless it went straight into ur finger/body whatever… bring out the ice pack baby!

    2. @James Cooper especially trout, unlike bass and panfish, they have flesh on their jaws and the hooks stay a lot better

  3. Thanks for simplifying things. Jargon (like “strike indicator”) is one thing that has put me off of fly fishing, just like many of the other things you’ve pointed out in this series. I would add nippers = clippers and hemostat = pliers.

  4. Am new in fly fishing, I would like to see a video from you explaining how to tie flys, because you are so good explaining with detail, such a great video by the way!!!

    1. Mario, we have many fly tying tutorials here on the channel. Also, coming soon is a series called “Getting Started in Fly Tying”. Look around on our channel and stay tuned. Thanks

  5. After 11 straight episodes thank you Brian I have so much more confidence in my fly fishing.

  6. This series is absolutely amazing. I’ve subscribed to the channel and hopefully one day I’ll make it out to Ohio to your shop!

  7. Great information,… love your shows . I can’t wait to get started this Spring

  8. I love your videos man. You’re simple and you dont gas people up and make them think that they need expensive gear to fly fish.

  9. Great list 👍. When I started fishing dries I wasn’t using floatant – I was so frustrated and totally oblivious to the importance of floatant – but I learned quickly

    1. Thanks and thanks for watching. Yes, that is a lesson that is learned quickly.

  10. Thank God this video exists, I’m going fly fishing for my first time and this is helping me alot. Hopefully it will be a fun experience. Thank you!

  11. Brian I have been making a journal (more of a notebook) on all these episodes. I dont think if taken better notes in class even. Your so informational and I love the quality of your vids. Just want to say thank you from a new fly fisherman

  12. Thanks Brian! I recently introduced my 17 year old to this awesome sport. He is loving it so far. It teaches him patience, appreciation for nature, and the fine art of fly fishing, plus I get to spend some quality time with my boy. We enjoy these videos and it covers the essentials so well. Great job!

  13. I’m just interested in fly fishing and I think I’m happy to find Brian and his fly-class! He’s definitely oriented on your budget and to teach you easy this super beautiful fishing method! THANK YOU SIR!

  14. Love your videos!! The information you provide is immensely valuable. Thank you for your time and efforts to make this sport not so intimidating.

  15. This is such a great video. Thank you for making this. I’m new to the sport and this really is extremely helpful.

  16. Brilliant informative videos, subscribed! Just started in fly-fishing so finding you videos really helpful. All the best!

  17. Great video with sound advice. I use my Hemostats or Forceps for loads of things, not just for unhooking fish. Half decent clippers are also so valuable. Floatant and sinkant for flies and leader is also very useful. I wear glasses so haven’t bought polarised glasses, which makes no sense. So when I get my next pair of glasses, I’m going to get a spare pair of polarised prescription ones.

  18. just started into fly fishing. I appreciate the tips on this list and have learned a lot from your videos so far! Thanks!

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