Fly Fishing THE BEST Trout River i have ever Seen!

Back in Fly fishing the very best ever seen! certainly the in my viewpoint any method.
good day with cleaning and lots of actually excellent caught

Lead fly

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The Equipment I use:
The Glasses:
The Huge remarkable electronic camera:
The sick new lens:
The Go Pro:
Under water go pro:

The rods:
Dry fly:
Change :
The reels:
Nymphing/dry fly
Swing opti fast:

Fly Fishing THE BEST i have ever Seen!

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  1. I’ve just been starting fly fishing and your videos motivate me to keep going.

  2. Stellar drone work at the end of this one. Whole video was great – adventure location, big bow jumps, gorgeous clean fish, interesting river.

  3. Loved the drone shots , just awesome. Fantastic video as always!!! I could watch that for hrs like literally hours

  4. Sick fish, you and Dustin are killing it, what a fantastic river! 🤙🤙

  5. New sub here < N. PA, USA. What a great & beautiful trout stream! Reminds me of home. Your 1st Rainbow & big Brown were definitely mature as the large mouth and hooked up bottom jaw indicates. I’ve got 2 mounted about their size, 21+ and 22+ inches both fat girths. Besides these I always catch & release (so someone else can have the honor too). All yours are Absolutely terrific trout! Now I’m itching to come fish New Zealand with y’all. Great video

  6. Appreciate your hard coreness in bushwacking down that hill. The stick is clearly an invaluable tool! Totally worth it for those quality fish.

  7. This is probably the best fishing yt channel on the internet and it’s not appreciated as much as it should be, awesome content bro

  8. That is an outstanding stream! I haven’t gotten a chance to fly fish for trout in to long!

  9. When watching and seeing this video I was inspired to modify this fly fishing technique by using a shelter tool to fish in the swift river currents. I exchange the use of insects as bait with bait from palm fruit that has been mixed in such a way, and the results were very satisfying … thank you for the video

    1. I love how sensitive those wool indicators are, they just disappear. Too bad they don’t work well in faster water.

  10. Am a fly tier and am really impressed how you guys fish using a trout hook

  11. I fished some rivers in NZ with my brother Con (we’re Irish) 4 years ago and this video brought back a lot of happy memories. You haven’t lived as a fisherman until you’ve hooked and landed a 7lb rainbow in a NZ river. Out guide was also amazing – Paddy Clark and put us over some beauties. Great video and we’ill definitely go back when Covid ‘over’

    1. I’m irish myself, just bought my first fly rod today and cant wait to get out this week and give it a go, been watching vids for beginners and proper excited, I’ll probably try a stocked fishery first just incase I’m casting wrong and hopefully someone points it out and shows me what I’m doing wrong.

    2. @Donal O’Flynn I’m in antrim, I’m actually going to hill head fishery out by ballymena tomorrow to try my luck and see how things go, they have a bait pond aswell so I’m going to bring my son and he can fish the smaller pond with a worm while I try my luck with the fly.

  12. This has to be about as good as fly fishing gets on the entire planet.

  13. Such a beautiful spot. So cool you got access there by quad. Absolutely amazing fish. Well done.

  14. That has to be one of the best fly fishing vids on YouTube, outstanding 👍, thanks for posting.

  15. The best day of fishing. It would take someone their whole life to get this kinda of fishing.

  16. Great vid! Amazing leaping fish! You guys are so lucky to have such brilliant river fishing in nz. What I find strange is that 600 odd people gave this vid a thumbs down. What is wrong with them!? Dont understand how anyone could dislike this vid.

  17. There is wonderful nature there!!
    It ’s more fun than watching a Japanese fishing program
    I’m looking forward to this video from now on

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