Fly Fishing at its BEST!! [New Zealand]

Exploring a new Directing choice with My good mate Alex this river produced some amazing rainbow and which kept the fly rods bent all the time thanks for watching. do not for get to subscribe for more weekly content


The Flys i use:

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The Equipment I use:
The Glasses:
The Big remarkable video camera:
The sick new lens:
The Go Pro:
Under water go pro:

The rods:
Dry fly:
Change :
The reels:
Nymphing/dry fly
Swing opti rapid:

Fly at its BEST!! [New Zealand]

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  1. I’ve fished for years for trout of that size here in Pennsylvania and you catch multiple in one trip! Sick vid keep it up!

  2. Amazing. The scene beginning at 9.30 is as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen… Fantastic camera position, incredible location, awesome cooperative bow and nicely played. As close to fly fishing Heaven as you can get on mortal Earth. Thx for sharing!

  3. Great vid for the start of 2019 .. thank you for being good at what you do!

  4. Mate, your vids are getting better and better. That drone footage from hook up to landing was exceptional. True wilderness and hard fighting fish, hard to beat.

  5. A gem of a film. Well done Gareth, doesn’t look like it’s had a lot of pressure this year. Cheers, Craig

  6. Nice super clear video. All those fish look so robust, healthy, and beautiful. Love the way you guys handle the fish.

  7. Man, those bows are gorgeous! Excellent video guys, the fishing, the commentary, the shots, the river.

    1. getting harder to get citizenship here nowdays sadly….people complain they dont make enough money here but id take a low wage to live in such a great place over a big wage in a massive city anyday

    2. @Matt drift absolutely! Why want more money, when you are surrounded by so much

  8. Hello from Canada.. Great video guys – i really hope you guys are being paid by Travel New Zealand because this puts NZ on my list of need to fish countries now! 🙂

  9. ARGH. Man I’m so jelly of your amazing rivers and streams in NZ. My co-worker is from NZ and keeps telling me how awesome this place is. It is a must do to come here. In Australia we have nothing like this.

  10. Dude, I love your vids – they’re so true to what it is *actually* like fishing NZ: climbing up and down riverbanks, joking about with your mates, falling in occasionally, trying to work out where the trail went, losing as many fish as you catch – and, of course, catching some fabulous fish! So many videos focus only on catching massive fish after massive fish, and that’s only a tiny part of what fly fishing is all about. Thank you, and keep them coming.

  11. I find it refreshing to see how you handle your fish out of water. I think more people need to learn to respect the fish and to have gratitude. Great job and thank you for the videos. Older gal in northern California here.

  12. This is amazing fishing, you guys are so lucky to have fishing of this quality.

  13. Good job, just a friendly bit of advice from a seasoned fly fisherman, when you cast, retrieve back in your line until its laying straight in the water. This makes it a lot easier and quicker to hook them! 🙂

    1. Hahaha hey mate, just a bit of friendly advice from seasoned fly fisherman. When you cast leave enough slack in your system to create a drag free drift, you will hook a lot more fish! 🙂

  14. Awesome vids! Just a question to another fisherman. How long do you think it’s safe to keep a trout out of water?

    1. Generally I wouldn’t have a fish out of water for more then 10sec with out giving them a drink. But I am confident a trout can probably handle more then 30. Trout are robust creatures as long as they are handled gently with wet hands and not squeezed. And released in a safe place for them to recover

    2. Trout Hunting NZ good stuff, that’s about my rule of thumb too. Keep up the good work. Really respect the way you fish!

  15. That vid made every trout stream I’ve ever been to look like child’s play, what a stunning place with stunning fish! You live in paradise my man, don’t ever leave that island!
    -A very jealous American fly fisherman

  16. This single video made me feel a lot of interest for fishing. I might try it out eventually. Hopefully there are fishing areas near my city

  17. You are really a skilled fisherman, well done my friend. I wish you more success in fishing thankyo Friend A 👍

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