Fly Casting 101 | Getting Started In Fly Fishing – Episode 14

In this episode of Beginning in , Brian Flechsig breaks down the 'intimidating' casting and shows you how basic it really is.

Do not worry, we have a whole series coming that breaks whatever here and more down in additional detail so you can be the very best angler you can be.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned!



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Welcome to Mad River Outfitters, hosted by professional fly guide, Brian Flechsig and his group of fly guides at Mad River Outfitters. On this channel you will discover truthful fly fishing education, fly fishing tutorials and product evaluations. We're enthusiastic about fly fishing and that's what we hope to share here. More information about who we are can be found on our website () and likewise on our Instagram (@madriveroutfitters).

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Fly Casting 101 | Getting Started In Fly Fishing – Episode 14

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  1. This has to be one of the best novice casting vids I’ve ever seen, looking forward to the next instalment

  2. Brian, as a newcomer to fly fishing, i have immersed myself in introductory videos, but yours is, hands down, the best I have found. It is superbly produced, and your instruction is crystal clear. You are clearly an excellent teacher, and I genuinely have a better understanding of the basic cast technique. I look forward to watching all of your materials. Thank you for a great product.

    1. Robert I can’t agree with you more sir, just great advice for newbies, its 11pm and I’m pumped to get out on the Snake River and apply all I have just learned.

    2. @Blake Carlson just did the same and went to the South fork of the snake. Had great luck and wish you the same!

    3. Agree… Thank you for getting my son and I squared away… years and years of fishing and just now getting into fly fishing… this helps tremendously.

    4. Robert.. I agree 100%… Here’s the sickening thing… I live in Columbus… hahaha. Ive passed his shop for 17 years… just now I’m getting into fly fishing.. bought a rando orvis combo from Cabelas and haven’t even assembled the rod… and now wish I just would have started down in the MRO shop.. I feel very confident now though that Im gonna get a second 5wt kit to go with the 9wt steelhead kit Ive already got but going to need to catch a pile of bluegill soon… lol

      This instruction has really settled all the fears Ive had… I am primarily an opportunistic fisherman.. recently gotten a Lund for some walleye fishing but cannot wait to start targeting species with flies, so one of these days I can visit my family in Montana and look like Ive been doing it my whole life haha..

  3. I’ve been fly fishing for at least 15 years or so and I gotta say, I learned stuff from this video, then again, we’re always learning. We just got home from Montana and I wish I would’ve seen this before. I can’t wait to get out on the rivers! Thanks guys!

  4. Really helpful lesson, I’ve been following the series and have really learnt a lot! Clearly and expertly explained, helpful visual guides and just the right level of science behind the technique involved.

    I bought my first rod based on the guide in previous videos and have been out practicing. This tutorial really brought home where I was going wrong, I feel that I now have a better control and understanding of casting.

    Thanks for the videos, looking forward to more!

  5. I just started in fly fishing and this playlist has taught me a ton already! Thank you for putting this together!

  6. I’ve never seen fly casting dissected and stepped down into an easy experience so perfectly! ⭐️

  7. Great series – I found myself confused by your 10:00 to 1:00 scenario until about halfway through the video because the camera is looking at your rod from a different angle than you are. It eventually made sense though 😉

    1. I did the same.. to us it’s 11-2 and to the teacher it’s 10-1

    2. Never crossed my mind that his head was 12 o’clock. Once I read these comments, it finally made sense.

    3. Yes, the whole 10 to 1 concept confused me. At the very least, when looking at the instructor, and if the imaginary clock is behind him, he’s up casting 1 to 10, then down casting 10 to 1, though he explains it backwards. I’m new at this.

    4. I also found the clock face confusing. I prefer to imagine the back cast as a backwards moving clock, from 5 to 11, then the cast as a forwards moving clock from 11 to 2. So I’m translating Brian’s instructions that way as he speaks. This way (forwards cast = clock moving forwards) it doesn’t matter whose viewpoint you are taking (left or right handed, fisherman or camera) . With all that said, I have my new rod, got as far as episode 14, and will be going out and trying it for the first time this weekend. Thanks for the lessons!

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  8. This is genius. Watched the whole series and had an epiphanie every episode. Thanks.

  9. I really appreciate you taking the time to post this. I’ve used bait casters and spin reels my whole life but really wanted to try fly fishing bone fish. You did an excellent job at using analogies to compare different techniques in fly fishing to common actions and movements almost everyone knows. Again thank you for the excellent content.

  10. I’ve been totally binge-watching these videos, and can’t thank you enough. They’re gold-dust! I’m a sports-coach myself, and never give stuff like this away for free. Maybe I should. Thanks again.

    1. Patrick Morris Thanks a ton for watching. Just to be clear though, they are not free. It’s the honor system. We are assuming that if you watch, and enjoy, you will do business with Mad River Outfitters in some way. 😉

    2. @Mad River Outfitters Yes, of course! That’s taken for granted! 🙂 I’m over in the French Alps though, so can’t promise I’lll ever pop by the shop. Wish I could. Thanks again!

    3. Patrick Morris But you can certainly shop on our website! 😃 We ship to France daily!

  11. After watching this series I decided to get into fly fishing and went out for the first time last week. Thanks to your knowledge and instruction I had a successful day and landed two arctic grayling! I can’t wait to get out again!

  12. Awesome series, I just binged watch the all the episodes and now feel confident as a beginner fly fisherman myself to go purchase a set up to get started, thanx for making it simple and clear to understand

    1. Sheldon Delgado Excellent. Let us know if we can help with the outfit and getting you set up.

  13. I’m really stoked to get into the sport! I love people, like this, that can make anything seem more accessible for beginners to start! Can’t wait to get out and practice what I have learned with this introductory series! Best one I have found!

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for the support Taylor. Stoked to see you stoked! Stay tuned, lots more coming!

  14. Hey brian. Thank you for all your videos. I am a beginner with zero experience. I totally dig your video presentations. They are put together well and explained perfectly. Go buckeyes

    1. Thanks for being here. Be sure to watch Brian’s full series called “Fly Casting”. Some intermediate and advanced stuff going on there.

  15. Thanks a lot! This was hands down the best tutorial I’ve found on youtube! Helped me out a lot! Keep up the amazing work!

  16. Just starting to immerse myself into fly fishing and your videos have been very helpful! Thank you !

  17. Thanks. Best introduction video yet. I can actually see just from watching this why my casting technique is so inconsistent. Can’t wait to get back out and test these tips tomorrow for brown trout.

  18. This is actually the first fly fishing video I’ve watched and I can already tell I started at the top! What a first place, top notch and well explained tutorial, thank you!

  19. Excellent videos, very informative and helpful. Just watched all of the getting started videos having never tried fly fishing (I’m a pike fisherman using lures in England, UK). I’ve now got my fly kit setup for chasing trout and will be practicing my casting in the garden tomorrow! Thank you 👌

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