Alaska Fly Fishing with a Mouse Fly – Aniak by Todd Moen

Please click to subscribe if you haven't currently! ► – Thank you! With more than 663,268 square miles of land, water and wildlife to its name, the state of Alaska has constantly been a magnetic draw for me and my cam. Last Summer Season, Aniak Lodge hosted me on among Alaska's a lot of productive and wild salmon rivers. The Aniak is a 95-mile tributary of the Kuskokwim River draining pipes the Kilbuck and Kuskokwim mountains and the wild Alaskan tundra.

It has plenty of rainbows, dollies, grayling, sheefish, northern pike and all five types of salmon. This T-Motion video is a mouse skating adventure. Brian O'Keefe pulled mice on the upper reaches and tributaries of the Aniak, with big, heavy-shouldered leopard attacking the Mr. Hankey mouse pattern. Thanks to Brian O'Keefe, Sam Sudore of Aniak River Lodge, R.L. Winston Company and Eddie Bauer for making this trip possible. Also big thanks to the guides and staff at Aniak River Lodge for their terrific effort.

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Intense Sunshine by Bob Bradley|Matt Sanchez|Steve Dymond|David Hick

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*** Video camera Info ***.
Shot with the -Panasonic AG-UX180 4K Handheld Camcorder.

Alaska with a Mouse Fly – Aniak by

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  1. The standard by which I judge all outdoorsmen videos. My hat is off to you once again, absolutely fantastic work

  2. As Always, I am thrilled by this work and have grown to love two people I’ve never met, yet love their souls and grateful they share their passions. Thank you Todd and Brian along with CatchMagazine 🙏💯

    1. Hi Will! Thanks so much for this and you support. Really appreciate your comment and will try to keep these films coming to you as often as possible.

  3. The production value is outstanding. Thanks, Todd, for producing one of the best fly fishing videos on the web!

    1. Thanks Peter! Appreciate the support… get all your friends to subscribe to my channel!

    2. It is an amazing video. I love the music so much I want to know how he finds it and where he gets it.

  4. The video is masterful, a veritable work of art. The subject, the footage and the music blend together in a highly inspirational/motivational video. Oh, and by the way, the fishing sequences were great as well. Todd, thanks once again.

    1. Thanks for this. Really appreciate your words and glad you liked it along with so many other people!!!!

  5. I’ve never watched a better fishing video before! Not only great fishing but also stunning scenery of the untamed wilderness of Alaska, so great to watch! Thank you!

  6. Great video, fly fishing Alaska is special, this river and these spectacular specimens, the Rainbows are hogs. Awesome to see an obvious old school fly fishermen cast right and reel right, Now that is traditional and cool. Great video again. I hope to get back up soon.

  7. Moen makes THE best outdoor fishing videos! This ones already my favorite all time.

  8. everything about this video is amazing! I hope one day I hit this level of excellence in both fishing AND video story telling. Todd Moen – hats off to you sir!

  9. Simply awesome. The quality of the fish and the the sheer beauty of the environment, jaw dropping.

  10. I fished the Aniak many years ago and it was fabulous. Back when Larry owned the lodge. Glad to see the main lodge still standing. Great video.

  11. Another Todd Moen masterpiece! With all of the technological advancements over the years there still isn’t anyone better. And Brian is always a hoot to watch! Thanks guys! With all the madness going on right now, I really needed this get-away.

  12. Your work is so awesome! I just discovered you. Much love and light and thank you for the journey with a mouse. Just bought frogs.

  13. Moen is in a class all his own. I spent eight days floating the Arolik, from the lake to the Bering Sea. Moused for rainbows the whole way down. Unforgettable experience.

  14. Triste is epic, what a great work! Could you share what picture profile did you use? Did you do color grading in post? I love this work. Best wishes!

  15. Wow, that was awesome; the stuff that dreams are made of. My lifelong dream is to fish for the big salmon and trout in Alaska. I am 65 and God willing this summer my dream will come true. To go there with my son and see the beauty and tranquility of fly fishing on the Naknek R. is an answer to my prayers and what has sustained me thru contracting Covid , and gave me hope. Thanks for your video, it is a work of art.

    1. Thanks Joe! Really appreciate this. I hope you have the trip of a lifetime this summer. Good luck and safe travels. Thanks for watching and taking time to send a message!

  16. Three things come to mind as I watch yet another, beautiful piece:

    – What a fisherman.
    – What a cameraman.
    – What! a Creator!

    Some day … I’ll be there!

  17. wow…has to be one of the best videography with stunning locations…..casting from some gutsy places, not to mention the bear tracks. Loved it. 👍

  18. Just watched this video on TV and had to come to the office computer to comment. Unbelievably uplifting video. The music is incredible and fits with perfection for each section. I just started fly fishing and you have captured what a joy it can be. Thank you so much.

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