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    1. @chunkywilly people could have turtles as a pet as long as they have a tack for it

    2. Are you vegan? If you aren’t, then you have no right place to say anything like that. If you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, then you probably eat beef, chicken and pork. Where do the meats come from? Animals, and you are technically eating a animal. Chickens dont hurt anyone, pigs don’t and cows don’t as long as you don’t interupt or mess with them.

  1. Puts animals in random water filled holes, makes a video on how he pretends to have found them. Everyone that watches👁👄👁

    1. @Jon Is bad Yes, saltwater fish that get caught in low tide will hide in tide pools. You are correct about that. However, this dude put freshwater animals and fish in the tide pools. The turtles are freshwater turtles. They can’t live in saltwater and saltwater is horrible for their skin. No freshwater turtle can live or healthily swim in saltwater. That guy put a turtle in a tide pool. That is animal abuse. He also put snakehead fish, a freshwater river fish, in the tide pools. He’s successfully condemned the snakeheads to a slow and painful death from salt shock. And he’s most likely killed the turtles, too. All for views.

    2. @Jacob king what do you want to know? Did you delete your comments because you found out I was right. Flop…

  2. Dude, if you’re gonna catch them, do it. Don’t just toss them back and forth and grab them violently with the scissors, they feel pain too so make it quick.

    1. @rou bear They can’t feel pain. What they do tho is react in an instinctive way.

    2. @CEO of G̷̀͠Â̵͝T̶̏̌T̵͘͝Ô̶͝ – how can you say a crab doesn’t have emotions? Thats like saying a dog doesn’t have emotions, or lizards, snakes and etc. Stop being ignorant.

    3. @Justine Tillman lol why would you eat an animal at first place if you care so much about their “pain”
      Lol hypocrite

    1. But they don’t have necks, not saying this is a good thing just saying that don’t have necks

  3. Ah yes the secret to catching seafood is to look in the low tide rock holes where your food might be fermenting and dying

  4. This dude really just casually stuffed 2 turtles in a small hole and said…”nah its all good”

  5. Totally true. I found a hole in my backyard yesterday and there was two chickens, a Caeser salad and some diet sprite living in it. I caught them but released them back into the wild

    1. Would you be willing to barter some Methamphetamine Dr.Pepper, Krispy Kreme NoNuts in exchange for some Sprite and a lil bit that Caesar Salad?

      And I literally just stumbled upon a pothole full of poppy I’ll throw in for free!

  6. Fun fact: those are sweet water turtles

    You know, the ones that don’t live in the sea

    Just like that fish

    1. @E Tarers64 they are bots you idiot jsksksksooen jfnfjdos

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  7. Yeah guys this is actually true
    It might seem odd, but like a week ago I went down by the pond in my backyard. There was a hole and a great white shark was inside with like 3 alligators, it was such a good dinner man

    1. At first I thout you where seriously agreeing with some people. Good use of sarcasm

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