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Hello everyone.
Top viral |Remarkable capturing video Amazing, catching using hook.
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Fishing|Fishing Eels from the Hole Utilizing the Hook Tool.
Catching Seafood Sea Octopus (Catch Crab, Catch Fish) Fishing Video.
Eel fish is very typical fish in our country but to capture them is very difficult. You need to be strong and strout to catch them. But today we are pointing out hectic to capture them. First of all we discovered a eel fish hole and began digging inside the deep mud. It was amazed there was absolutely in fish. It was yellow beast eel. It looks like a snake but do not have any toxin. Today where capturing quickly them with only hand spread.
So I hope you will take pleasure in the video. our next eel fishing videos concerning get the video.
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    1. @Lunarmagiclegend who buys a day pass for fishing lol?! The money goes towards maintaining our national parks and waters

    2. @EliIt’s been soo 😎 hot in Cali they even dump dead trout in the local recreational lakes and hope the local homeless dive in and net them to feed the family.. LA is HORRIBLEllllllll!! 😁

    3. Bass or catfish? Not much on bass fishing but caring big cats and Muskie are insanely fun. Be careful with both tho. Big cats can break your fingers and Muskie can bite um off 🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. @S4DG for real. Everyone thinks they are a fisherman now.
      All my lakes are blown up because of Covid.
      So much more pressure at all the lakes

  1. The sound the lure makes when he reels it in is literally almost the same as putting a balloon on the exhaust pipe of a car.

    1. @J J over $20 for a single bait for the name brand ones that are very good

  2. One day we will actually see someone catch a dang fish on these fishing vids..

  3. Top water is the most exciting way to fish!! Watching a huge large mouth bass slam a top water bait NEVER gets old!🐬🦈🐟🐠🐋

  4. Top water action is always a rush.
    Whether it be lure or dry fly.
    Thanks for sharing. 👍👍

  5. That was a catfish???!!! Wow! I’ve never tried a top lure for them in my life. Awesome!

  6. Honestly I always thought fishing was boring until i saw this video. Thank you for restoring my love for fishing 😁👍

  7. Веселая рыбалка, и природа вокруг красивая

  8. I’ve always been in the wrong locations and at the wrong time of day to use chatter/top water bait. But damn if it never stopped me from having fun with it for a half hour or so each time

  9. My brother sent this video to me. I was at a Chinese buffet watching it over and over for like 5 minutes. My girlfriend said you know your volume is way up, right….

    I was zoned in I forgot I was at a buffet, all the patrons around me were eager to know what they were listening too the whole duration 🤣

  10. Damn I really like the bait .. even the sound of it flapping in the water is entertaining ..

  11. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

    Finding half a worm in your apple!

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