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    1. @Kenny Holmgren du kan köpa det draget på Kanalgratis 🙂 Eller ett någorlunda likadant iallafall :))

  1. He’s got to have some pretty heavy braided line to stop that fish in its tracks from diving

  2. Is that a wells catfish? I’ve seen a few of your vids and some of these fish are just monsters

  3. Reminds me of when I was a kid. We found an old pond at an abandoned farm, and long story short all we were catching was blue gill. Naturally I got bored and started dragging one across the top of the water. Next thing I know I’m reeling in a giant large mouth.

    Carried that sucker home on my bike.

    1. @Cam Mikula I can’t stand the internet sometimes. They think it’s their job or something to dogpile on people for bullshit and call you out like they have earned the right and their opinion is not only valid but the final word.

    2. @Christopher Ressler bass is a nasty, mushy tasting fish. But I live on the gulf coast so reds, flounder and snapper and hard to compete with.

  4. I wonder how long he’s been hiding up under that log devouring everybody else

  5. I can’t believe you dangle your feet in that creepy water. What if mamma fish is hungry!

    1. Do us a favour and look up catfish noodling. You’ll understand why it’s no big deal

  6. Wherever this is it’s absolutely beautiful! Catching fish is just the bonus ❤

    1. Its a wels catfish, mostly spreaded in the entire europe expect the north but can be found in places with a decent temperature in north america and Asia as well

  7. I’ve watched a handful of these videos and I still can’t believe how aggressive these catfish are!

    1. Been fishing along time and top water is my favorite and never caught a catfish on one. Seen videos and heard stories but never done it.

    2. Noodling? Yup, Every Tuesday/ Thursday when ur girl says she’s working late..

  8. BOSH !!! What a take & what a bend in that rod !!! Love it 🎣🎣👍🏽👍🏽

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