Largemouth Bass Eats Swimbait #Shorts

The Berkley Champ Swimmer & Trokar Spin Bait hook are an awesome combination as this spunky shows… wait on it !!! #Underwatervideo

If you like this video you will love this smallmouth consume on the same bait

Bass Eats Swimbait

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  1. Happy Friday All, Please help this video get noticed by giving it a Like & leaving a comment 👍. Yes it really does help. Thanks #EnjoyBeing

    1. @J. Chen Muas it’s a Trokar Spin Blade swimbait hook. Hook and spin come together

    2. @Dave Mercer what was this filmed with its pretty freaking awesome the clarity and the strike

  2. Great ‘follow along’ shot Dave!! It’s really tough to get ’em to hit doing that!. Looks like a classic location for Largemouth.

    1. Thanks Rick, I was lucky to get this shot. Wish I could take credit for it but as you know it’s always up to the fish.

  3. Wow great shot ! I’m going to have to try big swim bait on our B.C smallies 🍺🎣🇨🇦

    1. @Frank Pilch yep it was. I often roll back the hooks when shooting underwater footage but not this time.

    2. @skulty85 it’s a Berkley Champ Swimmer rigged on a Trokar Spin Blade head. Links to both are in the description.

  4. The tint of the water, the sun rays shooting through the water and slightly dancing upon the foliage. Underwater footage is so beautiful.

  5. I’ve always wondered what it looks like underwater when they actually bite it

  6. I would watch this all day long🎣🙏🏾🎥🤣👌🏾 Great shot bud

  7. I’ve never seen those hooks with spinners, but seems like a good idea. How is it attached?

  8. Was not expecting him to missed the underspin plus getting the hook so perfectly.
    Nice Fich

  9. The elusive paddletail seems so irresistible.
    I work at a baitshop and see many fisherman picking a few of these up because they work!

  10. Damn the guy didn’t try pulling that fish into the stratosphere with the hook set I’m impressed.

  11. Love these videos that you keep it up helps a lot on seeing the bait in action for myself as well as grandbabies

    1. Thanks Chuck,
      I love shooting this stuff so you can count on me uploading all kinds of underwater videos plus the other stuff we do every week. Thanks for the support please help spread the word about the channel. More subscribers helps me grow this channel and shoot even more crazy content.

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